Bold Nail Polish Shades: Amanda’s Latest Picks

Follow Amanda and Vampy Varnish’s latest recommendations for vibrant lacquer shades. From sultry reds and vampy wines to shimmering metallics and moody darks, see Amanda’s current favorites to inspire your next manicure.

Meet Amanda

Amanda turned her lifelong passion for bold nail colors into a career when she took over as Editor-in-Chief of Vampy Varnish in 2022.

As a longtime Vampy fan herself, Amanda felt honored to continue the legacy of founder Kelly Keeton who helmed the blog for over a decade.

When she’s not scouting the newest polish collections or trying out daring nail art looks to share with readers, you can find Amanda at her home base in San Francisco indulging in vampire novels and rock concerts.

Stay on top of Amanda’s latest posts and manicure inspiration by following Vampy Varnish on Instagram and Twitter!

Common Questions

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While we do occasionally partner with brands relevant to our audience on sponsored campaigns, all product reviews and roundups on Vampy Varnish reflect our honest, unbiased opinions and advice to shop the best quality lacquers. We would never sacrifice our integrity by recommending subpar polishes just for compensation.

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Great question! Having an eye for aesthetics and passion for the nail industry certainly helps in running a successful nail blog. Beyond that though, consistency and business savvy also come into play.

Our top tips for starting a nail blog include: commit to a regular posting schedule like 2-3x a week to build authority and readership; focus on high quality photography, swatches and reviews; promote relentlessly on social channels like Instagram and Pinterest; monetize through avenues like affiliate programs, selling merch or ads once you have steady traffic.

Most importantly, stay relentlessly on-trend with new product launches, techniques and nail art styles while also establishing your unique viewpoint. It helps tremendously to nail down your blog niche and identity. Find that angle readers come to rely on whether it’s humor, drama or hyper-specific color families. The possibilities are endless to make your mark on the nail game!

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