A close-up shot of a woman's beautifully manicured hands showcases a bottle of cuticle oil placed next to a vibrant array of nail polish bottles, symbolizing the decision of whether to apply it before or after the polish.

Should You Apply Cuticle Oil Before Or After Painting Your Nails?

If you regularly paint your nails, you may wonder about the best order for caring for your cuticles. Should you moisturize them with cuticle oil before or after polishing your nails? The short answer is that you should apply cuticle oil before painting your nails.

But there are some important details that provide helpful context.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover when and why to use cuticle oil in your nail care routine. With the right information, you can achieve strong, healthy nails and cuticles.

Why It’s Important to Use Cuticle Oil

Promotes nail growth

Using cuticle oil regularly helps promote healthy nail growth by moisturizing the nail beds and cuticles. The oils like jojoba, vitamin E, and olive penetrate the nails and stimulate circulation, which encourages new nail cell production.

Massaging cuticle oil into the nails and skin also improves blood flow to the area. Stronger nails that grow faster are a great benefit of using cuticle oil.

Softens and moisturizes cuticles

The skin around the nails, known as the cuticles, can easily become dry and cracked. Applying cuticle oil keeps them soft and moisturized. The oils condition the skin and prevent hangnails or other painful tears. Well-hydrated cuticles give a smoother look around the nails too.

Using cuticle oil prevents the need for excess cutting or pushing back of the cuticles, which can damage the nail beds over time.

Improves appearance of nails

In addition to the practical strengthening and moisturizing benefits, using cuticle oil enhances the look of fingernails. The oils make nails appear shinier and healthier. Regular application also prevents chipping and peeling of nail polish by conditioning the nails.

Softened cuticles frame the nails neatly too. Many cuticle oils contain a subtle tint or shine to add extra polish while improving nail health.

Applying Cuticle Oil Before Painting Nails

Cuticle oil is a must-have for healthy, beautiful nails. But when should you apply it – before or after painting your nails? Let’s look at the pros and cons of using cuticle oil before painting your nails.

Allows oil to penetrate cuticles

Applying oil before painting your nails gives the oil time to really soak into the nail bed and cuticles. The cuticles are the barrier between your nail plate and the nail matrix where new nail cells are formed.

Keeping cuticles soft and supple with oil allows new nail growth to emerge smoothly without hangnails or tears.

Prevents polish from adhering to cuticles

No one wants polish glopped onto their cuticles – it looks messy and is hard to clean up. Using cuticle oil before painting acts as a barrier to keep polish from sticking to the skin. Just be sure to let the oil soak in for at least a few minutes before starting to paint.

Lengthens time between manicures

Prepping your nails with cuticle oil before polish can help your manicure last longer. The oil nourishes the nail and seals in moisture, preventing brittleness, chips and cracks. Who doesn’t want their beautiful nail color to last as long as possible?

While there are benefits to using cuticle oil before painting nails, there are also a few reasons why some people prefer to apply it after:

  • Oil could make polish application messy or slippery.
  • Freshly painted nails may dent or smudge if oil is applied on top.
  • The oil could break down the polish, especially if applied while the polish is still wet.

The takeaway? It’s best to apply cuticle oil before painting your nails, letting it soak in for at least a few minutes. This allows the oil to hydrate cuticles and nails so polish adheres well. Then enjoy your flawless manicure!

Tips for Applying Cuticle Oil Before Nail Polish

Choose Right Formula for Your Nails

When selecting a cuticle oil to use before painting your nails, it’s important to pick one that meets your nail type’s specific needs. Those with dry, brittle nails would benefit from a formula packed with nourishing oils like jojoba, argan, and vitamin E. If your cuticles tend to be ragged, look for oils with alpha hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate.

Using an oil made for your nail condition helps ensure it penetrates optimally to hydrate and prime for polish.

Use Brush Applicator for Accuracy

Unlike products dispensed from bottles, cuticle oils with brush wands allow for precise application along the nail bed and cuticle line. Dab the brush lightly along the base of each nail, avoiding touching the skin which can transfer oil and cause polish not to adhere as well.

The brush gives you control to target just the nail surface. This prevents wasting product or accidentally getting oil on your fingers which could interfere with polish grip.

Allow Oil to Absorb for 5-10 Minutes

After neat application along the nail plates, give your cuticle oil 5-10 minutes to fully penetrate and hydrate the nail bed before painting color. This absorption time allows the oil’s nutrients to seep in and do their job.

Research shows jojoba and vitamin E oils take effect within minutes to improve moisture and strength when applied to nails and cuticles.

Remove Excess Oil Before Polishing

Following the absorption period, use an oil-free nail wipe or cotton ball with a bit of remover to eliminate any leftover greasiness on the nail surface and cuticles without stripping away the nourishing effects.

Studies demonstrate that thoroughly wiping away residual oil prior to polish allows for optimal adhesive bonding between the lacquer layers. This prevents chipping, peeling and smudges in your freshly painted manicure for long-lasting tips and shine.

Applying After Removing Nail Polish

Hydrates cuticles after acetone exposure

When you remove nail polish with acetone, it can leave the skin around your nails feeling dry and parched. Acetone is an extremely drying solvent that strips away oils and moisture, causing irritation and inflammation.

Applying cuticle oil after taking off nail polish helps rehydrate those delicate cuticles and fingertips (1). The oils sink in quickly to replenish hydration, nourish the nail matrix, and counteract the effects of acetone exposure.

Using cuticle oil after removing polish protects your skin and nails from cracking or peeling.

Soothes and repairs dry, cracked cuticles

In addition to replenishing moisture, cuticle oils contain therapeutic ingredients that help repair cracked, irritated skin around the nails. Many formulations contain vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects against environmental damage.

Others include plant oils like jojoba, coconut, and grapeseed, which are rich in fatty acids and vitamins to improve skin health (2). The oils penetrate the cuticles, softening the tissue while their nutrients go to work healing fissures or tears.

Regular application after taking off nail polish can help banish dry, ragged cuticles for good.

Prepares nails for next manicure

Prepping your nails before polishing again is crucial for a flawless, long-lasting manicure. Using cuticle oil after removing old polish clears away residue and creates the perfect base. According to nail care experts, you should wait 5-10 minutes after oiling before starting your manicure (3).

This gives the formula time to penetrate and condition the nails and cuticles. The oil also prevents polish from sticking to skin instead of adhering to the nail plate. Just be sure to wipe away any excess before painting. Going over cuticles with oil is a pro tip for neat, professional-looking nails.

Applying cuticle oil after taking off nail polish has multiple benefits for your hands. The oils replenish moisture lost from acetone, repair dry and damaged cuticles, and prep your nails for the next manicure.

Using an oil treatment in between polishes is an easy way to keep your hands looking healthy and beautiful.


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Caring for your cuticles is an important part of any nail routine. Using cuticle oil before painting your nails provides key benefits for nail health and appearance. Allowing time for the oil to absorb enables it to nourish cuticles and prevents polish from clinging to skin.

Combine cuticle oil with regular manicures and nail polish removal to maintain strong, beautiful nails and cuticles.

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