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Where To Buy Dnd Nail Polish: The Top Places To Shop

With its wide color selection, quality formula, and affordable prices, DND nail polish has become a hugely popular brand. If you’re looking to get your hands on these stylish lacquers, you may be wondering: where can I buy DND nail polish?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: you can buy DND nail polish online from beauty retailers like Amazon and eBay or specialty nail supply stores like Nail Polish Canada. But there are many great options for purchasing this top nail lacquer brand, both online and in physical stores.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss the many places you can buy original DND nail polish and help you find the retailer that best fits your needs and budget.

Buy DND Polish from Online Retailers


As the largest online retailer, Amazon offers one of the widest selections of DND gel polish, with hundreds of colors and finishes to choose from. Many polishes ship with Prime free 2-day shipping. Amazon frequently runs sales and deals on nail polish brands, so you can often find DND gel polishes at discounted prices.

Amazon lists polishes from DND official as well as third-party sellers. Pay attention to listings to ensure you receive authentic DND polish. Check seller ratings and reviews for guidance. This top-rated listing from the official DND store ships 48 gel polish colors.


eBay offers new and used DND gel polishes for sale from individual sellers. You can find discontinued or hard-to-find colors. Many sellers offer discounted pricing and combined shipping on multiple items.

Pay attention to seller ratings to avoid counterfeit products. This top-rated seller has 99.1% positive feedback from over 12,000 ratings and ships 30+ authentic DND color gel polishes.

Nail Polish Canada

Nail Polish Canada is a leading authorized retailer of DND gel polish, carrying over 300 colors and finishes. Their wide selection includes various collections like the Studio Line, Satin Line, Sheer Line, and more.

As an authorized retailer, you are guaranteed to receive 100% genuine DND polish. Nail Polish Canada frequently offers deals like free shipping and 10-15% off discounts. Their website makes it easy to shop by color, finish, or collection.

According to their website, over 89% of customers recommend shopping at Nail Polish Canada for DND products.

Amazon eBay Nail Polish Canada
Selection Very wide, 100+ colors Varies by seller, typically 30-50 colors Largest selection, 300+ colors and finishes
Pricing Competitive, frequent deals Varies, often discounted Retail, offers frequent 10-15% discounts
Authenticity Varies by seller Varies by seller ratings 100% genuine as authorized retailer

Purchase from Beauty Supply Stores

Sally Beauty

Sally Beauty is one of the most popular beauty supply stores that carries an extensive selection of professional DND nail polishes. With over 3,000 brick-and-mortar locations across the United States and Canada, Sally Beauty makes it easy to find DND polishes near you.

They offer fan favorites like DND Gel, DND DC, DND LED lamp curable gel polish and more at affordable prices. One amazing thing about Sally Beauty is that they frequently offer coupons and daily deals on nail supplies, allowing you to save even more on quality DND polishes.

Many customers love being able to swatch shades in person before purchasing. If you join their Sally Beauty Rewards program, you can earn points towards future discounts too!

In addition to their retail locations, you can also shop DND polishes online at SallyBeauty.com. This makes it super convenient to access DND’s huge variety of colors and finishes when a store isn’t nearby. Shopping online also allows you to easily compare swatches and reviews.

Sally Beauty has fast shipping times, and you can choose free in-store pickup if you prefer picking up your order at your local store. For the widest selection of DND polish at great prices, Sally Beauty is a top choice.

Ulta Beauty

Another go-to option for buying quality DND nail polish is Ulta Beauty. As one of the largest beauty retailers in the United States, Ulta carries an impressive array of over 25,000 beauty products from hundreds of brands. DND nail polish is one of their most popular nail care lines.

You can shop best-selling gel polish shades like the DND Gel Top Coat and DND DC Nude Collection in-store or online at Ulta.com. One of the things that makes Ulta a top retailer is that they frequently offer promotions like buy one get one 50% off on nail polish.

This makes it affordable to try new DND colors. If you sign up for their free Ultamate Rewards membership, you can also earn points on purchases and unlock exclusive discounts. With over 1,200 retail locations across America, you’ll be able to find a conveniently located Ulta store that stocks DND polish near you.

In addition to the amazing selection, Ulta also has a few perks that make them stand out when buying DND products. All polishes come with free shipping. Ulta also has a generous return policy, allowing you to return even opened nail products if you don’t like them after testing them out.

Between the discounted prices, rewards perks, free shipping and returns, Ulta Beauty is undoubtedly one of the top retailers for purchasing DND gel nail polish.

Shop at Nail Salons and Spas

Call Ahead to Ask What Brands Are Used

Before booking an appointment at your local nail salon or spa, it’s wise to call ahead and inquire about the specific gel polish brands they use during manicures and pedicures. Many upscale establishments carry popular long-lasting DND nail polish lines so their technicians can create stunning nail art and designs.

Some premier salons stock over 100+ colors and finishes from luxury brands like DND, OPI, China Glaze, and Essie to give clients plenty of trendy options. When you phone the front desk, kindly ask which gel polish collections they currently offer.

The receptionist can provide names so you can research swatches online to pick your perfect shade.

High-end mani-pedi spots want to boost their reputation so they invest in quality polishes that don’t chip or fade. Technicians rigorously train to master the latest techniques like ombré, color blocking, marble, and 3D floral looks.

So don’t be shy about requesting a specific DND line you love, as the staff aims to make each customer’s experience special.

Buy Retail If Available

While getting a professional manicure at the salon, glance around to see if any DND nail polishes are displayed on shelves or stands for retail sale. More upscale mani-pedi spots realize clients can’t wait to buy the exact bright red, pastel pink, or holographic hue used during their service.

Many estheticians now stock mini DND collections for purchase so beauty lovers can easily take home their newest color obsession. Quality establishments want return customers, so enabling clients to shop coveted products onsite helps build loyalty.

Ask your technician if the shades applied today are available for purchase later after toes dry.

Some premiere day spas even offer loyalty rewards programs where clients earn points towards high-end makeup, skincare, haircare, and nail polish products. So joining these free membership clubs provides perks like discounts and free samples from favorite salon brands like DND Gel Polish.

Find Small Business Boutiques That Sell DND

Etsy Shops

Etsy is a great place to find small and independent shops selling DND gel polish (180 words). The handmade, vintage, and unique items on Etsy make it easy to find boutique nail supply stores that carry hard-to-find DND colors. Many nail techs and beauty lovers have turned to selling supplies on Etsy.

A quick search for “DND gel polish” will turn up dozens of cute little shops to explore.

Some of the top-rated DND sellers on Etsy include Nail Supply Obsessed, Lavish Polish Supply, and Look At My Nails. Each of these shops has an excellent selection of various DND gel polish colors and tools. They offer great customer service and fast shipping too.

It’s easy to message the sellers on Etsy if you have any questions about a particular DND shade or want swatch photos. The reasonable prices at these small businesses make Etsy a go-to place for DND polish.

Local Nail Supply Stores

Searching for local nail supply stores in your area is another great way to find boutiques selling DND gel polish (129 words). Many cities have small businesses that specialize in professional nail products. These local stores are fantastic for getting to see DND colors in person before you buy.

Swatching polishes on a nail tip or wheel is super helpful for deciding on shades.

Local nail supply shops also have the advantage of not charging for shipping. You can walk out the door with your new DND polishes in hand! Some shops may even offer pro discounts if you show your nail tech license. Finding these hidden gem stores takes some investigating, but they are out there.

Search on Google Maps or in Facebook groups for your city and “nail supply store.” You can also ask at your local nail salon where they purchase their professional products.


With a wide range of online retailers, beauty supply chains, salons, and small businesses to choose from, you have plenty of excellent options when looking to purchase DND nail polishes.

Do some research to find the retailer that offers the best selection, prices, and shipping options for your needs. And with the quality and affordability DND polishes provide, you’re sure to get your money’s worth with each stylish bottle you buy.

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