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How Much Does A Manicure Cost For A Man In 2024?

In today’s society, manicures are no longer just for women. More and more men are taking care of their nails and getting professional manicures. But how much does a manicure cost for a man? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of manicure prices for men and factors that influence the cost.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: The average price for a basic manicure for men ranges from $10 – $25 in the United States as of 2024. The cost depends on the salon, location, services added beyond a standard manicure, and whether you get gel polish or regular nail polish.

What’s Included in a Basic Manicure for Men

Trim and shape nails

The first step in a basic manicure for men is to trim and shape the nails. The nail technician will use nail clippers and an emery board to trim nails straight across and file away any rough edges. This helps keep nails looking neat and tidy.

For men who prefer shorter nails, the nails may be trimmed quite short. For others who like a little length, they can be left slightly longer but shaped into a uniform length.

Clean up cuticles

After trimming the nails, the manicurist will gently push back the cuticles and remove any excess dead skin around the nails with a cuticle cutter. Cuticles help protect the nails, so this step is done carefully to avoid damaging the cuticles.

The purpose is simply to tidy up the cuticle area and make sure the nails have a clean edge.

Smooth and buff nails

A key part of a basic manicure is buffing the nails to make them look healthy and shiny. The nail technician will use a nail file or buffer to gently smooth the surface of the nails. Buffing helps remove any small ridges and imperfections, and evens out the nail plate.

This gives the nails a natural gloss.

Some nail salons may use a shine treatment or apply a quick-dry clear coat of polish after buffing to further help the nails look smooth and strong. The clear coat can quickly add shine and protection.

Apply moisturizer or lotion

After working on the nails, the manicurist will massage moisturizer or lotion into the hands and nails. This helps hydrate the skin and nails, preventing dryness or cracking. Massaging the hands also helps relaxation.

Salons often use lotions with pleasant, masculine scents such as sandalwood or tea tree.

Regular (non-gel) polish (optional)

A regular manicure does not necessarily include polish, but men can opt for a clear, natural, or subtle nude polish if desired. Bold colors or dark polishes are usually reserved for pedicures. The nail technician will neatly paint on one coat of the selected polish and let it dry thoroughly.

Using regular (non-gel) polish allows the manicure to last longer but makes for easy removal with nail polish remover.

Factors That Influence the Price of a Manicure for Men

Salon’s location and reputation

The location and reputation of the nail salon plays a big role in determining manicure prices for men. High-end salons in major cities or upscale neighborhoods will generally charge more compared to a local neighborhood salon.

Salons with celebrity clientele or well-known for their expertise and service can also command higher prices.

Extra services like paraffin wax or scrubs

The basic manicure service includes shaping and buffing nails and a hand massage. However, salons offer a range of add-on services that can increase the total cost. Popular extras like paraffin wax treatments to hydrate skin or exfoliating scrubs make the manicure more relaxing and luxurious but add $10-$25 to the final bill.

Gel polish vs regular polish

A basic manicure will end with regular nail polish in a neutral tone. Getting gel polish instead of traditional lacquer adds significant cost, typically $10-$20 more. Gel polish is more durable and lasts weeks longer without chipping or fading, which appeals to many male customers.

However, removing and reapplying gel polish is also more expensive than regular polish.

Technician’s experience level

Manicure prices will vary based on the technician providing the service. In general, senior technicians with years of experience and specialized skills will charge more. Some salons have tiered pricing levels for manicures based on the technician.

An in-demand expert nail technician may charge $60+ for a manicure while a novice will be closer to $40.

Frequency of visits and membership plans

Some nail salons offer discounted member rates or package deals for regular customers. Getting a manicure every 2-4 weeks instead of occasionally can qualify someone for lower membership pricing. Packages like a monthly or annual membership with pre-paid visits included are other ways to save, often 10-20% off per manicure.

So frequent manicure customers will ultimately pay less per session than occasional visits.

Manicure Prices by Metro Area

New York City: $15 – $35

New York City is one of the most expensive places in the US to get a manicure. Prices at upscale salons in Manhattan can range from $25 to $35 for a basic manicure. However, deals can be found, with prices as low as $15 at nail salons in the outer boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

The average price for a basic manicure in NYC is around $20-$25. Factors like salon location, prestige, and amenities like massage chairs can affect pricing.

Los Angeles: $15 – $30

In Los Angeles, manicure prices typically range from $15 to $30. High-end Beverly Hills salons charge upwards of $35-40 for luxury manicure services with extras like paraffin wax and hand massages. However, excellent nail care can be found all over LA for under $20.

The San Gabriel Valley, for instance, has exceptional Vietnamese nail salons charging just $15 for a manicure. With some research, great deals can be found in this city known for beauty and glamor.

Chicago: $12 – $25

Chicago offers affordable manicures, with prices starting around $12 for a basic manicure at neighborhood salons. At upscale downtown and Magnificent Mile salons, manicure prices go up to $25-30. The average price for a quality manicure with extras like a hand massage or paraffin wax is $18-22.

Chicago’s broad range of nail salons means finding deals on great service is easy. Checking review sites can help find well-rated salons with fair prices.

Houston: $10 – $20

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the excellent value on manicures in Houston. A deluxe mani/pedi package can be found for just $35-40 at many Houston nail salons. For just a manicure, prices range from $10 for a basic trim and polish up to $20 for a spa-like experience.

With its huge Vietnamese community, Houston is full of top-rated nail salons that offer an amazing experience for budget-friendly prices. The average manicure costs just $15 here.

Philadelphia: $10 – $22

The City of Brotherly Love offers great rates on manicures. Most basic manicures start at $10, with more deluxe versions with extras like paraffin wax or HAND masks averaging $15-18. In affluent areas like Rittenhouse Square, prices go up to $20-22.

Overall, Philly nail salons offer solid service and value, with the average manicure price around $15. Checking online reviews can uncover hidden gem salons with excellent service at unbeatable prices.

Saving Money on Manicures for Men

Ask about men’s specials or packages

Many nail salons offer special discounted rates on manicures and pedicures for male customers to attract more business. According to the 2022-2023 Nails Magazine Salons Survey, over 68% of nail salons have special offers for services for men, with average savings of 20-25% off regular prices.

When booking your appointment, always ask if there are any current promotions or packages for male clients to take advantage of the lower rates.

Go during off-peak hours

Nail salons tend to be less busy during weekday mornings and early afternoons. Visit the salon at these slower times, and you may be able to benefit from unadvertised discounts if you ask, especially if you are a new or regular customer.

This way, you’ll get the same quality service for 10-15% less than peak period rates. Off-peak hours do vary by location, so call ahead to check when the slow periods tend to be.

Join a membership program

Many salons offer membership or loyalty programs that provide members with exclusive access to lower rates and special perks. For example, the Luxury Nails membership program offers enrolled male members 20% off all full manicure services, a free paraffin hand treatment on their birthday, and more.

These programs often cost little to join, with the savings paying for themselves after just a couple of visits, making them a smart investment for regular manicure customers.

Book with newer technicians

Consider booking your appointment with one of the newer nail technicians at the salon. These professionals typically have lower rates as they build up their clientele – according to industry surveys, new techs charge 10-15% less on average for a standard manicure compared to their more experienced counterparts.

You still get great service, just at a more affordable price point. Be sure to check reviews to ensure quality, and don’t be afraid to ask to see examples of the technician’s work first.

Skip the gel polish

Fancy gel polish finishes may look nice, but they aren’t necessary for a good manicure and add a significant cost. According to analysis from StyleCaster, choosing regular nail polish over gel polish can save you $10 or more per manicure.

If you can forgo the longer-lasting gel option, you’ll slash the price considerably while still getting tidy, healthy nails. Consider gels only for very special occasions rather than every visit to maximize savings.

Are Manicures Worth It for Men?

Getting regular manicures can be incredibly beneficial for men’s nail and hand health. Here are some of the top reasons manicures are worth it for the modern man:

Improved nail health and appearance

A manicure allows a professional to trim, shape, buff and hydrate the nails. This can give men’s hands a well-groomed and polished look. The nail technician can also help treat discoloration, brittleness or other nail conditions. Overall, manicures keep nails looking neat and healthy.

Prevent hangnails and infections

During a manicure, the skin around the nails is pushed back and trimmed to prevent painful hangnails. Any minor infections or irritations can also be treated. This helps prevent future nail or skin issues from developing.

Reduce risk of ingrown nails

The nails are properly shaped and corners rounded during a manicure. This can help prevent ingrown toenails, a common problem for men. Keeping toenails trimmed straight across during pedicures is key.

Soften cuticles and hydrate skin

Exfoliating and massaging the hands leaves skin incredibly soft. Cuticles are also conditioned and pushed back to improve nail growth. The hydrating creams and oils keep hands smooth and moisturized.

Feel confident shaking hands

For men who often shake hands in business or social settings, neat and groomed nails are a must. Manicures give men’s hands a polished look for a great first impression. With some color buffed into the nails and hydrated skin, men’s hands will look healthy and strong.

While manicures were once seen as a women’s service, more and more men are discovering the benefits. For less than $40, men can enjoy professional nail grooming and care. With improved appearance and protection against common nail problems, manicures are absolutely worth it for today’s men.


While once stigmatized as too feminine, manicures have become more socially acceptable and commonplace for men in recent years. With prices averaging $10 – $25 for a basic manicure in the US, this grooming service offers men an affordable way to keep their nails looking neat and tidy.

Considering the benefits for nail health and hygiene, as well as professional appearance, manicures can certainly be worth the investment for today’s men.

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