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Where To Buy Gelish Nail Polish: The Complete Guide

With its chip-resistant and long-lasting formula, gelish nail polish has become a popular choice for the perfect manicure. But where can you find authentic gelish polish for an affordable price? This comprehensive guide will walk you through all your options for purchasing salon-quality gelish nail products.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: The best places to buy authentic gelish nail polish are directly from the Gelish website, beauty supply stores like Sally Beauty, and professional nail supply retailers like Nail Superstore.

Buy Directly from the Gelish Website

Purchasing Gelish nail polish directly from the brand’s website at Gelish.com offers several advantages. As the official source, you’ll find a wider selection of over 100 colors and effects to choose from.

Bundled sets and duo packs are also available, allowing you to stock up on multiple shades while saving money.

Official gelish website

As the inventor and manufacturer of soak-off gel polish, the Gelish website offers the most authentic purchasing experience. Shopping directly through Gelish gives you confidence that you’re receiving genuine products made to the brand’s high-quality standards.

Large color selection

With well over 100 colors and effects to browse, Gelish.com showcases the most extensive catalog of any retailer. From nudes and pinks to bright pops of color to glitters and shimmers, all the latest seasonal trends are represented. You’re sure to find perfect shade matches for any taste or occasion.

Bundled sets available

Gelish makes the polish buying process easier by curating coordinated sets and duo packs. The Seasonal Shades set offers 6 trendy colors perfect for the current season while the French Manicure set has everything needed to create a polished, professional look.

These bundles allow you to save nearly 30% off individual bottles.

Sign up for rewards program

The Gelish website invites shoppers to join its rewards program which is free to enroll. Members earn points on purchases which translate to monetary rewards over time. Perks also include free shipping incentives and early access to new launch collections.

Overall the program enhances shopping benefits and offers the chance to save even more on Gelish nail essentials over time.

Shop at Beauty Supply Retailers

For nail polish enthusiasts, beauty supply retailers like Sally Beauty, Ulta Beauty, and Beauty Brands are go-to destinations to browse and buy Gelish nail polishes. These major chains offer perks like testers and rewards programs that make building your polish collection easy and affordable.

Sally Beauty

With over 3,000 brick-and-mortar locations across the United States, Sally Beauty Supply is one of the most accessible places to shop Gelish polishes in person. Their stores are like candy stores for nail product lovers, filled with rows upon rows of the latest polishes and tools.

As an authorized retailer of Gelish, Sally’s carries the full range of Gelish colors and formulas. The savvy Sally’s shopper can often find promotions on Gelish, whether it’s discounted starter kits or buy-one-get-one specials on polish.

If you want to try before you buy, Sally’s is ideal because testers are available for every Gelish shade. Consultants at the store are also knowledgeable about selecting colors and can make recommendations if you need help deciding.

Ulta Beauty

Another mecca for makeup and nail care fanatics is Ulta Beauty. With around 1,300 locations nationwide, it’s easy to find an Ulta store. Ulta is an authorized Gelish retailer that stocks all the latest collections.

Like Sally’s, Ulta has testers for all the Gelish polish colors so you can swatch to find the perfect shade. Ulta also runs regular sales and coupons on Gelish, which makes the premium polish more affordable.

The Ultamate Rewards program allows members to earn points with every purchase to redeem for free products, including Gelish polishes, so shopping at Ulta can help you grow your nail polish stash on a budget.

Ulta also offers salon services in most locations, so you can get a professional Gelish manicure and see the results for yourself.

Beauty Brands

Midwestern nail polish lovers have easy access to Gelish thanks to Beauty Brands and its nearly 70 salon and spa locations across 12 states. Beauty Brands not only sells Gelish polish but uses Gelish in its salon services.

Getting a Gelish manicure at Beauty Brands is a great way to experience how long the polish lasts on natural nails and see the quality and color payoff. The salon setting also provides the perfect opportunity to get color recommendations from stylists.

For taking polish home, Beauty Brands offers testers of its Gelish inventory and regularly runs promotions to save. Signing up for Beauty Brands’ free BEAUTY INSIDER rewards program can help unlock perks like discounted products and free samples.

Free In-Store Swatching

The best part about shopping for Gelish nail polish at beauty supply retailers is the ability to swatch colors in person before buying. Seeing accurate color representations and testing formulas can take the guesswork out of picking shades online.

In Sally Beauty, Ulta, and Beauty Brands stores, every Gelish polish has a tester so you can paint your nail to see the true color. Watching the glossy, gel-like finish in action on a swatch stick can help you evaluate the coverage and consistency as well.

Taking advantage of free testers makes finding your new signature shade a fun experience. Combining the perk of in-store swatching with promotional prices at major beauty stores makes building a Gelish collection both affordable and personalized.

Order Through a Nail Supply Store

Nail Superstore

Nail Superstore is one of the most popular online nail supply stores that sells professional nail products at wholesale prices. They carry a wide range of Gelish nail polishes in both classic and seasonal colors.

Customers love that they can buy full Gelish kits with base coat, color polish and top coat for very reasonable prices. Bulk discounts are also offered if you purchase 5 or more Gelish items. With fast shipping and great customer service, Nail Superstore is a top choice.

Nail Polish Direct

Another excellent online supply shop, Nail Polish Direct provides affordable wholesale Gelish kits, individual polishes, tools and accessories. Their collection includes hard to find limited edition Gelish colors that salon professionals love.

As an added perk, they offer reward points on all purchases which equals savings on future buys. For convenient shopping from a trusted retailer, Nail Polish Direct checks all the boxes.

My Beauty Spot

Focusing specifically on beauty essentials like nail care, My Beauty Spot brings pro-quality brands right to your door. Their Gelish choices span over 200 gorgeous polishes with classics, fashion-forward shades and treatment formulas stocked regularly.

Beyond color, they also supply Gelish base and top coats, lint-free wipes, nail files, cuticle pushers and more at up to 40% off retail prices. For beautiful nails, shop the selection at My Beauty Spot.

Wholesale Pricing

When buying premium Gelish collections from a specialized nail vendor, customers can take advantage of wholesale rates not found in salons or beauty chains. For example, individual polishes may retail around $27 but supply shops can offer prices under $10 per bottle when purchased in sets.

Greater discounts activate at higher quantities meaning the more you buy, the more you save. Before restocking color at the nail salon, check online stores for the best bargains.

Find Authorized Resellers on Amazon

Check seller ratings carefully

When buying Gelish nail polish on Amazon, be sure to thoroughly check the seller’s ratings and reviews. Search for sellers that specifically state they are authorized Gelish retailers. Additionally, look for the “Ships from and sold by Amazon.com” tag to ensure you’re purchasing from a trusted source.

It’s wise to only buy from sellers with at least a 95% positive feedback rating over the past 12 months. Carefully read through negative reviews, as some complaints may indicate issues with fake or expired Gelish polishes. Legitimate Gelish sellers should have overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Prime shipping available

One advantage of purchasing through Amazon is many Gelish listings come with free Prime shipping. This means if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll receive your polish order rapidly with no extra delivery fees. Prime shipping helps ensure quick, reliable delivery from authorized Gelish partners.

According to an Amazon shipping survey, over 80% of Prime members say free two-day shipping is the top reason they subscribe to the service. Additionally, Prime members spend an average of $1,400 annually on Amazon compared to about $600 for non-members.

So if you shop on Amazon frequently, Prime is likely worth the investment.

Beware of counterfeits

While Amazon provides a mostly safe shopping experience, you do have to watch out for potential fake Gelish products. Some third-party sellers try to pass off counterfeit polish as the real thing. Warning signs of fake Gelish include:

  • Much lower prices than salons charge
  • Spelling errors or slightly different branding on the bottles
  • Seller has mostly negative or few reviews

Checking a seller’s feedback thoroughly helps avoid these issues. Also beware of Gelish polish being shipped directly from overseas, as its more likely to be counterfeit. Exercise some healthy skepticism, and you should feel comfortable finding genuine Gelish on Amazon.

Considerations When Buying Gelish

Check for authenticity seals

When purchasing Gelish nail polish, it’s important to verify that you’re getting the real deal. Look for authenticity seals like hologram stickers or verification codes on the bottles. Gelish is one of the top salon gel polish brands, so fakes and imitations are common.

Only buy from authorized retailers to ensure you get genuine Gelish that will cure properly and last.

Compare bundle pricing

Gelish often offers bundle deals on sets of their most popular colors. Buying a bundle can save you up to 25% compared to purchasing each polish individually. Compare bundle prices across retailers. Also consider whether the set includes colors you’ll actually use or if you’re better off cherry picking specific shades.

Build your own bundle for maximum savings.

Join rewards programs

Beauty retailers like Ulta and Sally Beauty offer free rewards programs that provide perks on Gelish purchases. Members earn points on every order that translate into discounts and free products. Take advantage of seasonal offers like double points days.

You may also get free shipping once you reach a points threshold. Subscribing to retailer emails highlights the best deals on Gelish.

Look for sales and promotions

From sitewide sales to flash deals, there are always opportunities to save on Gelish. Check for sales around major holidays and seasonal events. Retailers often discount beauty items during back to school season or leading up to the holidays. You can easily snag Gelish polish for 20-50% off.

Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial frequently have promo codes for additional discounts too.


With popular retailers like Sally Beauty stocking the brand and the ability to buy direct online, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on authentic gelish nail polish. Take the time to compare prices and bundles across sellers.

And be wary of sketchy third-party sellers with deals that seem too good to be true. With this guide to the best places to buy gelish polish, you can find the perfect shades for your next fabulous manicure.

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