A close-up photo captures the delicate paws of a contented dog at Petsmart, showcasing perfectly manicured nails, reflecting the question "how much is a nail trim?"

How Much Does A Nail Trim Cost At Petsmart In 2023?

Trimming your pet’s nails regularly is an important part of keeping them healthy and happy. But how much does it cost to have your pet’s nails trimmed at PetSmart? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through PetSmart’s nail trim prices, additional services, factors that affect the cost, DIY nail trim options, and tips to make the process easier for you and your pet.

If you don’t have time to read the full article, here’s a quick answer: A basic nail trim at PetSmart costs between $10-$20 for a trim, depending on your pet and the services you choose. Additional options like filing, polishing, and Dremel grinding can cost more.

PetSmart’s Nail Trim Prices


PetSmart offers affordable nail trims for dogs at its retail locations across the United States. The standard price for a basic dog nail trim is $13. For large breed dogs over 50 pounds, the price is $18. Additional services like filing, buffing, and clipping hair between paw pads cost extra.

Some factors that influence the nail trim price include the dog’s size, age, temperament, and how overgrown its nails are. Puppies and senior dogs may require more time and patience. Aggressive or anxious dogs also take longer to handle safely.

PetSmart groomers are trained professionals who make the nail trim process as smooth and stress-free for dogs as possible. They use specialized tables and tools to carefully clip each nail just past the quick. This helps prevent splintering and overcutting, which can be painful and cause bleeding.

Many PetSmart locations offer express walk-in nail trim services without an appointment. Dog owners should call their local store for availability. For predictable, individualized care, booking recurring nail trim appointments is recommended, especially for elderly or special needs dogs.


Cats can be more particular when it comes to nail care. That’s why PetSmart cat nail trims start at $17 and go up based on any extra services needed like rough nail smoothing.

Some cats require sedation before a nail trim due to fear or aggression issues. PetSmart has specially trained Feline Master Groomers who can safely sedate and trim extremely difficult cats’ nails. This service costs more due to the extra time and care required.

For easier cats, nail caps or covers may be applied after trimming to help blunt nails so they don’t damage furniture. There is an additional fee for nail cap application, but one set can last up to 6 weeks.

Basic Cat Nail Trim: $17
Difficult Cat Sedated Nail Trim: $27+
Nail Caps (per paw): $7

As with dogs, kittens and senior cats may take more expertise and patience during nail care. Scheduling recurring nail trim appointments can make the process smoother over time.

Small Pets

From guinea pigs to lizards, PetSmart also provides specialized grooming services for all types of small pets. Prices vary by species and specific service.

For example, a basic hamster nail trim costs $13. Trimming overgrown dew claws on rabbits starts at $17. Sedated nail trims for difficult small animals like chinchillas incur additional fees.

Reptile nail trims range from $13 for a bearded dragon to $27+ for larger snakes and lizards, based on handling needs.

  • Amphibians like frogs generally do not require nail trimming.
  • Birds of all sizes receive wing and nail trims as part of their basic grooming package priced from $17-$37 or more.
  • No matter what small pet you have, PetSmart’s team of skilled groomers can assess your pet’s specific needs and determine the safest, most stress-free approach to nail care. Calling ahead for appointments is always encouraged.

    What’s Included in PetSmart’s Nail Trim

    Quick Trim

    The standard PetSmart nail trim is a quick trim to shorten your pet’s nails using clippers or a grinder. This takes about 10-15 minutes and includes trimming the nails and lightly filing them to smooth any sharp edges.

    Petsmart’s professional groomers are highly trained and experienced in safely trimming nails, even for pets that are fearful or difficult to handle.

    Filing, Buffing and Polishing

    For an upgraded experience, PetSmart offers filing, buffing and polishing as add-on services to the basic nail trim. This includes using a nail file to further smooth and round the edges of the nails after clipping.

    Buffing helps shine and harden the nails, while polishing adds a clear or colored lacquer for extra protection and style.

    These add-ons help prevent cracked or split nails by strengthening the outer layer. They also reduce scratching damage if your pet’s paws come into contact with furniture, floors, or skin. Frequent filing, buffing, and polishing are especially useful for older pets or breeds prone to brittle nails.

    Dremel Grinding

    As an alternative to clippers, PetSmart groomers can use a Dremel brand rotary tool to grind your pet’s nails. This uses a gentle sanding motion that helps avoid splitting the nails or hitting the quick.

    It may be a good option for nervous pets, breeds with thick nails, or senior pets with overgrown nails.

    The Dremel gradually wears the nail down to an appropriate length instead of cutting it. Most pets tolerate this quite well with just a little acclimation. It’s less stressful for pets than clipping but does take more time during the appointment.


    For very difficult or aggressive pets who won’t allow their feet or nails to be handled, PetSmart offers sedation by a veterinarian. This involves giving your pet an oral sedative medication that puts them into a relaxed, sleepy state so the groomer can safely trim their nails without stress or risk of biting.

    Sedation appointments take extra coordination and preparation but allow nail care for pets who otherwise couldn’t be handled. There is an additional cost for the medication and veterinary oversight. PetSmart policies require current medical records and may recommend pre-sedation bloodwork for at-risk pets.

    Factors That Affect the Cost of Nail Trims at PetSmart

    Breed of Dog or Cat

    The breed of your furry friend plays a big role in determining the cost of a nail trim at PetSmart. Smaller breeds like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, and Dachshunds typically have smaller nails that are easier to trim.

    Larger breeds like Great Danes, Mastiffs, and St. Bernards have much bigger nails that take more time and care to trim properly. Thick or overgrown nails, common in some breeds, also add difficulty and time to the process. So you can expect to pay more for larger dogs or those with thick nails.

    Size of Pet

    Similar to breed, the overall size of your pet also affects the nail trim price. Trimming nails on a rambunctious 100 lb Great Dane is very different from a calm 8 lb toy poodle. The restraint and precautions needed for larger, stronger pets means the process takes longer.

    Additionally, larger paws and nails mean more clipping required per foot. For these reasons, larger dogs usually cost more for nail trims than smaller cats and dogs at PetSmart.

    Additional Services

    Pet parents can bundle additional services during their pet’s nail trim appointment for convenience and added savings. Popular add-ons like anal gland expression, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing will raise the total price of your visit.

    However, PetSmart offers package deals that can save you 10-15% compared to purchasing everything separately. So be sure to ask your groomer about available packages that can get your pet pampered in one easy visit.

    Location of Store

    Prices for a basic nail trim at PetSmart can range from $10-20 depending on your location. Stores in major metro areas like Los Angeles and New York City tend to charge higher prices. You’ll find more budget-friendly rates in small towns and rural parts of the country.

    The cost of living and salaries in the area impact what PetSmart charges for services. Calling ahead for pricing at your local stores can help you find the best deal near you.

    DIY Nail Trims at Home

    Pros of DIY Nail Trims

    Trimming your pet’s nails at home has some great benefits. Here are a few of the main pros of DIY nail trims:

    • It’s cheaper than paying for professional grooming. A nail trim at PetSmart costs $10-15 per visit. Doing it yourself is free!
    • It allows you to trim nails more frequently. Veterinarians recommend trimming nails every 2-4 weeks to avoid overgrowth. DIY trims make this easy.
    • You can do it on your schedule. No need to book appointments – just trim when it fits your calendar.
    • Your pet is more comfortable at home. Some pets get stressed going to the groomer.
    • You control the process. You can work at your pet’s pace and give treats/praise.

    Cons of DIY Nail Trims

    However, there are also some downsides to consider with home nail trims:

    • It requires learning the proper technique. Improper trimming can cause pain, bleeding, and trust issues.
    • The right tools are needed. High-quality trimmers designed for pets help prevent splintering.
    • Some pets won’t cooperate well. Very squirmy or aggressive pets are hard to trim without help.
    • It’s easy to hit the quick. The pink part of the nail with nerves/blood vessels. This causes bleeding and discomfort.
    • Medical issues may need a vet. Problems like cracked nails or ingrown claws need professional attention.

    Tips for DIY Nail Trimming

    If you want to start trimming your pet’s nails at home, here are some tips for a smooth experience:

    • Introduce trims slowly with positive reinforcement. Go slow and give treats to build trust.
    • Invest in high-quality trimmers made for pets. Avoid using cheap human nail clippers.
    • Trim just the clear/white part of the nails. Avoid the pink quick area inside.
    • Only cut a small amount at a time. Small snips are safer than large chunks.
    • Try filing the sharp edges after clipping. This smooths them out to prevent scratches.
    • Have styptic powder on hand. This helps stop bleeding if you nick the quick.
    • Schedule regular trims every 2-4 weeks. Consistency keeps nails from getting unruly.
    • See your vet for any issues. Let the professionals handle medical conditions.

    With the right preparation and technique, many pet owners find they can successfully and safely trim their furry friend’s nails in the comfort of home. However, professional grooming is still an option for those who don’t want the hassle or stress of DIY nail care.

    Tips for an Easy Nail Trim at PetSmart

    Visit at a Quiet Time

    To help your pet stay calm during their nail trim appointment, try to visit PetSmart at a quieter time of day. Mornings on weekdays before 11 am tend to be less crowded. With fewer people and pets around, there will be less stimuli to make your pet anxious or excited.

    You can also call your local PetSmart ahead of time to ask when their slower hours are. Some common quiet times are early weekday mornings as soon as they open, or weeknights. Knowing when to visit can set your pet up for success and make the nail trim procedure go much more smoothly.

    Introduce Nail Trims Slowly

    Don’t wait until your pet’s nail trim appointment to clip their nails for the first time. Introduce nail trims slowly at home, with positive reinforcement and treats, to get them used to having their paws handled.

    Follow these tips for short, successful at-home training sessions:

    • Handle your pet’s paws gently, one paw at a time
    • Reward them with treats and praise when they stay still
    • Only trim 1-2 nails per session in the beginning
    • Slowly work up to full nail trims over a few weeks

    With patience over several short sessions, you can get your pet more comfortable with the process. This will greatly ease their anxiety when the time comes for their full nail trim at PetSmart.

    Bring Their Favorite Treats

    Make your pet’s nail trim at PetSmart more enjoyable by bringing treats they absolutely love. Some great options are small pieces of cheese, cooked chicken, beef liver treats, or something you know your pet goes crazy for.

    Having a stash of high-value treats allows you to continually reward your pet for their cooperation. The reward helps counteract any stress and reinforces that nail trims can be a positive experience.

    Let the PetSmart associate know what treats you brought. They may be able to incorporate them into the nail trim process to distract your pet as needed.

    Try Sedation if Needed

    For extremely anxious or difficult pets, sedation medication prescribed by your vet may be necessary for nail trims. PetSmart allows pets who take sedatives beforehand to have their nail trim done safely and without distress.

    Some vets prescribe oral sedatives like Trazodone or Gabapentin. These begin working in about an hour and don’t require an injection. Other pets may need actual anesthesia administered by injection at the vet’s office, to keep them relaxed for a few hours.

    Sedation Type Cost
    Oral medication Around $2-$4 per dose
    Injectable anesthesia Around $45 including the office visit fee

    Talk to your vet to explore whether medical sedation or anxiety medication is appropriate for your pet during nail trims. Although an added expense, it could save you both a lot of trouble and stress.

    With some planning and training, PetSmart can provide a smooth, peaceful nail trim experience for your pet. Consider these tips for a quick, painless appointment that keeps your pet’s nails healthy and trim.


    Getting your pet’s nails trimmed regularly at PetSmart can cost anywhere from $10-$20 for a basic trim. Additional services, special requests, breed size, and location can raise the price. While professional trims are ideal, you can save money by trimming nails at home between visits with the proper technique and tools.

    We hope this guide gave you a good overview of what to expect when bringing your furry friend to PetSmart for a nail trim. With a little preparation and patience, you can make professional pedicures a stress-free experience for both of you!

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