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How Much Do Ombre Nails Cost? The Complete Guide

Ombre nails have been a hugely popular nail art trend over the past several years, prized for their ability to seamlessly blend two or more colors in a gradient effect. If you’re looking to get this stylish look for your next manicure or pedicure, you’re probably wondering – how much do ombre nails cost?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: On average, ombre nails cost $30-60 for a manicure and $40-70 for a pedicure at most salons in the U.S. However, prices can vary widely based on factors like your location, the salon’s prices, and any extra design details.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the typical price range for ombre nails and the different factors that affect the cost, so you know what to expect before your next ombre manicure or pedicure.

What Are Ombre Nails?

Ombre nails, also sometimes called gradient nails, have become one of the most popular nail trends in recent years. As the name suggests, ombre nails feature a gradual blend of two or more colors from light to dark, creating a gorgeous fade effect.

Ombre nails first became popular in 2012 and have remained a staple nail design since then. The ombre technique can be done on natural nails or acrylics and allows for a lot of creativity and customization based on your preference.

The Ombre Nail Process

Creating the ombre look is a multi-step process that starts with picking two or more nail polish colors that complement each other. Some popular ombre color combinations include:

  • Pink to white
  • Purple to pink
  • Red to orange
  • Nude to white

After selecting the polish colors, the next step is to paint the base color on all nails first and let it fully dry. Once the base coat is dry, the nail technician will use makeup sponges to gently dab and blend the lighter color starting from the nail tip and moving downwards to create the fade effect.

Adding a clear top coat at the end helps blend the ombre shades smoothly and adds a gorgeous shiny finish. The entire ombre process takes precision and skill to get that seamless color gradient.

Benefits of Ombre Nails

There are many reasons why ombre nails have become so popular:

  • They look beautiful and unique – No two ombre manicures look exactly the same.
  • The fading color effect is flattering on most nail shapes and lengths.
  • Ombre nails are fun, artistic and let you showcase your personal style.
  • The color blend is a more subtle effect compared to bold nail art.
  • They complement both casual everyday wear and formal occasions.

Additionally, the ombre look helps make short or bitten nails appear longer. It also allows growing out nails to look neatly done since the regrowth is camouflaged by the faded tips.

Ombre Nail Shape and Length

Ombre nails look great on various nail lengths and shapes, whether you prefer short nails or long stiletto nails. Square, round, oval, coffin, or almond shaped nails can all pull off the ombre look beautifully.

That said, the longer the nails, the more room there is to show off that gorgeous color gradient. So ombre works exceptionally well on medium to long nail lengths.

What Impacts the Cost of Ombre Nails

Salon prices in your area

The cost of an ombre manicure or pedicure can vary greatly depending on your location and the salon you choose. In general, service prices are higher in major metropolitan areas and in bigger salons compared to smaller towns or independent nail technicians working from home.

Expect to pay more in New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago than you would in a smaller region.

According to statistics from Statista, the average cost of a manicure in 2021 ranges from $18-$23 nationwide. Some states like Alaska and Hawaii see higher average fees around $30. Do some research on salon prices in your area to set a realistic budget, as ombre designs may cost $5-$20+ more on top of the basic manicure or pedicure service fee.

Manicure vs. pedicure

Ombre nail designs can be done on both hands and feet. Getting your fingers painted tends to be more affordable than an ombre pedicure in most cases. A typical manicure only takes 30-45 minutes from start to finish, while completing nail art on 10 toes may take 60 minutes or longer.

The additional time and precision required increases the cost.

Salons also tend to charge higher prices for pedicures, as they involve soaking feet, scrubbing calluses, massaging, and drying/shaping nails before polish can be applied. Manicures skip many of those extra steps.

According to Byrdie, a basic manicure costs $20 on average compared to $35 for a basic pedicure.

Number of colors

The number of nail polish colors used will impact the ombre price. A basic ombre fade between two colors like black to grey is quicker for a nail tech to complete than a bright rainbow ombre fading between 5 or 6 colorful polishes.

Each additional color adds time and complexity for seamlessly blending the ombre effect.

Many salons charge by design complexity or simply have higher prices for more elaborate nail art. According to nail care site Nail Design Code, something like ombre nails costs $5-$10 on top of the base manicure cost, while a full set of acrylics with hand-painted art or swarovski crystals glued on every nail may cost an additional $15-$50+.

Additional nail art

Speaking of extras, adding rhinestones, glitter, metallic foils, lace, striping tape, or other embellishments to an ombre design will increase the cost. These special touches require additional materials and time to apply.

Even something as simple as adding a glitter topcoat over ombre nails could tack on $5 or more to the total service price.

If you want an accent nail with a unique design in addition to ombre on the rest, you’ll likely pay an upcharge per accent nail. The Artists At Amazing Touch Salon in Las Vegas lists pricing at $5 per accent nail for specialty art, $7 for nail jewelry extras, and $2 per nail for glitter, rhinestones, or bows.

Ombre Nail Cost by Location

New York City

New York City is known for having some of the most talented and creative nail technicians in the country. As a major fashion capital, nail art trends like ombre often originate here. However, with popularity comes higher prices.

Expect to pay $65-85 for an ombre manicure at an upscale salon in Manhattan. Brooklyn and Queens offer more affordable options in the $45-65 range. The quality of work remains excellent. Some economical nail salons located outside of the city center can do an ombre manicure for $35-50.

Los Angeles

Like New York, Los Angeles sets many nail trends with its celebrity culture and fashion focus. An ombre manicure at a high-end salon on Rodeo Drive could cost $75-95. However, you can find great technicians at affordable prices if you avoid the most exclusive areas.

Expect to pay $40-60 for an artfully gradient ombre manicure at salons in most LA neighborhoods. The quality of work is generally outstanding thanks to the city’s creative vibe and competition among nail techs.


Chicago offers plenty of options for great nail art at reasonable prices. While elite salons downtown and on the Magnificent Mile might charge up to $65 for an ombre manicure, most quality salons around the city offer the service for $35-50.

The techs are talented and dedicated to nail health as well as beauty. So you can expect your ombre nails to last and look gorgeous during their lifespan. With Chicago’s huge population and neighborhood vibe, you’ll have many salons to choose from once you decide on a price range.


As a sprawling metropolis with a diverse population, Houston has exploded with nail salons across the city. You can find an excellent ombre manicure for just $30-45 from talented Vietnamese techs in modest neighborhood spots.

Even high-end Galleria area salons charge only $55-70 for gradient manicures from experts. With so many salons competing for clients, customer care is a priority and tech skills are top notch. Houston’s warm climate inspires bright, vibrant ombre designs year-round.


Like Houston, Phoenix offers many quick, affordable nail salons thanks to its rapid growth and sprawl. However, demand for services is high with all the sunshine and sandals. So you may deal with rushed techs at budget salons charging $25-35 for ombre manicures.

For more relaxed care and attention to detail, expect to pay $40-55. High-end resort salons can charge up to $75 for specialty ombre designs. But plenty of skilled neighborhood salons lie between extremes. Phoenix nail art trends lean toward bright colors and bold patterns to match the desert scenery.

Factors That Increase Ombre Nail Costs

More color blends

The more colors used in an ombre nail design, the higher the cost will likely be. Going from a single solid color to a simple two-tone ombre may only add $5-10 to the service. However, having a gradient fade through 3 or more colors can raise the price $15-25.

The time and meticulous skill it takes to smoothly blend numerous shades is reflected in the price. Just remember that while more colors look amazing, it does mean a higher cost for your ombre nail art.

Nail art add-ons

Adding extra nail art on top of an ombre base will also increase the total service price. Some popular ombre nail extras include:

  • Glitter tip – $5
  • Gems or rhinestones – $5-10
  • Gold foil – $5-10
  • Chrome powder – $10
  • Striping tape – $5

The more intricate and time-consuming the add-ons, the more your nail tech will likely charge. Just a few special touches can transform an ombre and make it really pop, but know that extra ornamentation does come at a higher cost.

Gel polish

Using gel polish for an ombre manicure will be $10-15 more expensive than regular nail lacquer. Gels require special application and curing under UV lights. While the results are super durable and long-lasting – over 2 weeks – the specialized process takes more work, so gel ombre services cost more.

Depending on your nails needs though, paying extra for the longevity and chip-free wear of gel may be worth it!

Longer nail length

If you want an ombre look on long, extended nails, expect to pay $10-20 more. Shorter, natural nails are quicker to paint and blend colors on than lengthy tips. Longer nails provide more surface area too, so additional polish and time is required.

Get ready to pay extra for ombre on super long, sculpted nail extensions. But the dramatic look may be worth the investment for you!

Tips for Getting Affordable Ombre Nails

Ask about discounts

Many nail salons offer first-time customer discounts or loyalty programs that can help you save money on ombre nails. Be sure to ask if they have any current promotions or deals before booking your appointment.

Some salons provide discounts like 20% off for students, 10% off for seniors, or 15% off if you refer a friend. Subscribing to their newsletter or following them on social media can also score you exclusive discounts. You’d be amazed at the price cuts available simply by speaking up and querying!

Visit nail schools

Visiting local cosmetology or nail schools and getting your ombre manicure done by a supervised student is much kinder to your wallet. Though you may wait a bit longer and the results won’t be as perfect, students charge almost half the rate of professionals.

Since they are still honing their skills under an instructor’s guidance, you can rest assured about the quality. According to research from PureWow, a basic manicure at a cosmetology school costs around $5 to $15 whereas the starting range at nail salons is $15 to $45.

DIY ombre nails at home

Doing ombre nails yourself using store-bought polishes and tools may seem daunting initially but gets easier with practice. All you need is a base color, ombre color, sponge, top coat, nail file, cuticle pusher, etc. Watch a few Youtube tutorials to learn handy tricks from experts.

Invest in good quality polishes though – they make blending smoother. Remember to prep nails properly and apply thin even coats. Going the DIY route could cost you under $30 for everything while professional ombre manicures charge over $50.

If you have time and patience, you can get salon-style nails without leaving home or burning a hole in your pocket!


With theirgradient colors and seamless fades, it’s no wonder why ombre nails have become such a popular nail trend. While prices can vary based on your location and the complexity of the design, you can typically expect to pay $30-60 for ombre nails on your hands and $40-70 for ombre nails on your feet.

By knowing the average costs and ways to save, you can get beautiful ombre nails while staying within your budget. With the right prep and tips, you may even be able to DIY salon-worthy ombre nails right at home.

Whatever you choose, let your manicurist know if you have a set budget in mind before beginning your service, so you can work together to create a stylish look you’ll love.

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