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How Much Do Chrome Nails Cost In 2023

Chrome nails have become an increasingly popular nail trend over the last few years. Their mirror-like finish gives nails a stylish, eye-catching look. If you’re considering getting chrome nails yourself, you’re probably wondering – how much do chrome nails cost?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: On average, a basic chrome nail manicure costs $35-60 depending on your location and the salon. More intricate designs with extras like crystals or art can cost over $100.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down everything that goes into the cost of chrome nails so you know what to expect before your appointment.

What Are Chrome Nails

Chrome nails, also known as mirror nails or acrylgel nails, are a popular nail design that gives the nails a bright, eye-catching, mirror-like finish. As the name suggests, chrome nails make the nails look as if they are coated in chrome, giving them an ultra-glossy and reflective appearance.

To achieve the chrome effect, nail technicians first apply either acrylic or gel as a base. This helps create the smooth, flawless surface needed for the mirror effect. Once the base is set, a regular clear acrylic powder is applied on top and carefully shaped into the desired nail style – coffin, square, or round.

The key step comes next – the ‘chrome’ powder is applied on top of the clear layer and sealed with a top coat.

The chrome powder contains tiny glitter-like particles or micas that create the reflective finish. Different chrome powders produce different effects, from subtle silver gleam to over-the-top multi-colored iridescence. The most popular chrome powders have a bright silver or rainbow-like sheen.

Benefits of Chrome Nails

There are several reasons why chrome nails have become a widely popular nail art technique:

  • They make a bold fashion statement and grab attention
  • The mirror effect looks clean, elegant and luxurious
  • Chrome nails complement any outfit from casual to formal
  • The reflective surface makes nails appear longer and fingers look slimmer
  • They photograph extremely well for social media

Cost of Chrome Nails

On average, a basic chrome nail set costs $50 and up in the United States. However, pricing can vary widely based on factors like:

  • Nail salon location – big cities charge more
  • Level of nail technician experience and demand
  • Type of extensions used – acrylics, hard gel, or soft gel
  • Add-ons like art or rhinestones
  • How often you get fills instead of full sets

For the initial full set, most salons charge between $50-$100 for chrome nails. Fills needed every 2-3 weeks typically cost $30-$50. While not the cheapest manicure option, chrome nails are a great way to add eye-catching style to your look.

Cost By Location

The cost of chrome nails can vary greatly depending on where you live. Here is a breakdown of average chrome nail prices by location:

Major Cities

In major metropolitan areas like New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, a basic chrome nail set will cost $60-100 on average. However, prices at high-end salons in these cities can range from $150-250 for an elaborate chrome nail design with art and embellishments.

The higher prices reflect the saturation of the market, higher rents, and skilled nail technicians in demand.

Mid-Sized Cities

In midsized cities like Atlanta, Denver, or Austin, you’ll typically pay $40-80 for chrome nails. Techs have less overhead to contend with than in the major metros, allowing them to charge moderately less. However, specialty designs with lots of hand-placed crystals or foil can still cost over $100.

Small Cities and Suburbs

In small cities and suburban areas, basic chrome nail services tend to range from $30-60. These lower price points reflect less demand compared to large cities, allowing techs to offer more competitive pricing.

However, unique designs with extra bling or artistry will still boost the price closer to major city rates.

Rural Areas

In rural locations, chrome nails will generally be the most affordable, often less than $50 for a full set. Overhead is lower and competition is less fierce for nail salons in remote areas. But the tradeoff may be finding a tech truly skilled at the chrome process – more rural shops tend to offer basic nail services.

No matter where you live, tips for saving money on any nail service include:

  • Going during off-peak hours/days to avoid prime time rates
  • Asking about any current promotions or first-time client discounts
  • Comparing rates between multiple salons before booking

While chrome nails may be pricey, they are a true work of art for your hands when done properly. And just like art, specialized skills, products, and experience come at a cost.

Basic Full Set Cost

The cost of a basic full set of chrome nails can vary depending on factors like your location, the salon you choose, and any special designs or embellishments. However, on average in 2023, you can expect to pay:

  • Between $35 – $65 for a basic full set application at most standard nail salons in the U.S. This would cover application on 10 fingers without any extras like designs or rhinestones.
  • Between $45 – $85 at higher-end nail salons in metro areas. At luxury salons, even a basic full set tends to cost more.
  • Between $25 – $45 at nail salons in small towns or more rural areas. Overhead is lower so prices tend to be a bit cheaper.

So if you’re looking for chrome nails without any embellishments, plan to budget around $50 on average for a full set. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in that basic full set application:

  • Nail shaping/filing
  • Cuticle cleaning/pushing back
  • Nail dehydrator + primer
  • Chrome powder application
  • Sealing top coat(s)

Additional costs may apply for add-ons like:

  • Extra length or thickness: $5 – $15
  • Glitter, rhinestones, or charms: $5 – $20
  • Intricate hand-painted art: $5 – $25 per nail
  • Paraffin wax treatment: $10 – $15

Nail salons generally increase their service prices a bit each year to account for inflation. So chrome nails may cost 5-10% more in 2024 vs 2023. When quoted a price, always clarify exactly what is included to avoid surprise charges!

Designs and Upgrades

Chrome nails have become an extremely popular nail design trend in recent years, allowing nail art enthusiasts to get creative with different colors, shapes, and embellishments. Here are some of the most popular chrome nail design options:

Ombre Chrome

Ombre chrome nails transition smoothly between two or more colors, usually starting darker at the cuticle and fading lighter towards the tip. This look is very sleek and modern. Popular ombre chrome color combinations include black to silver, navy to baby blue, and burgundy to rose gold.


Colorblocking with chrome nails means using two or more solid chrome colors on different parts of the nail, like a bright pink chrome on the cuticle fading into a silver chrome French tip. This allows for fun and bold color pairings.

Chrome French Manicure

A chrome French manicure offers a trendy, modern take on the classic French manicure. Rather than white tips, different chrome colors like silver, rose gold, or gunmetal gray are used on the tips for a cool, metallic look.

Chrome Flakes Over Color

Adding chrome flakes over an existing nail polish color is a popular technique. The flakes reflect light for a brilliant shimmery effect. They can be applied over solid creams, shimmers, neons, or even subtle nude polishes for a chrome effect in any color.

Chrome Powder Dip

Chrome nails can also be achieved with powder dip manicures. Special chrome powder is applied on the nails during the dipping process to get that signature high-shine metallic look that’s smoother and more durable than regular polish.

Abstract Chrome Art

More advanced nail artists will combine multiple chrome colors and art techniques like striping, marbling, and splatter designs for abstract chrome nail art. This allows for tons of creativity and customization.


Rhinestones, glitter, foil, striping tape, and other embellishments can be added on top of chrome nails for extra bling and dimension. 3D art like chrome charms and jewelry are also popular.

The brilliant reflectiveness and versatility of chrome makes it an on-trend nail choice that can be tailored to any style. Whether going for a subtle ombre or bold colorblocking, chrome nail designs are a great way to add eye-catching shimmer to your manicure.

Maintenance Costs

Chrome nails require some maintenance to keep them looking pristine and shiny. Here are some of the main costs to factor in:

Regular fills

Like regular manicures, chrome powder nails need to be filled every 2-3 weeks as the nail grows out. Fills cost around $25-$45 per visit. While this is similar to a regular manicure, some chrome powder services charge slightly higher prices since the process is more intricate with the mirror-like finish.

Occasional repairs

Occasionally, chips and cracks can occur on chrome nails, especially if you use your hands frequently. Repairing a cracked or chipped nail costs $5-$15 per nail depending on the salon. Using a nourishing cuticle oil daily can help reduce chances of cracks and breaks.

Removal and replacement

For the best look, a full replacement of chrome powder nails is needed every 6-8 weeks. This allows the nails to be soaked off safely without damage and applied fresh. Replacement costs are similar to the initial full set price, generally $50-$150 depending on the salon.

At-home maintenance products

Using specialized nail products between salon visits helps maintain the brilliance of chrome nails. Some recommended products include:

  • Cuticle oils – $5-$15
  • Nail hardener polish – $10-$20
  • Nail file and buffer kit – $5-$15
  • Non-acetone nail polish remover – $5-$10

Following the maintenance schedule and using high-quality products can help extend the wear and shine of chrome powder nails between needed replacements.


We hope this guide gave you a better understanding of what goes into the costs of chrome nail services. While prices can vary widely, you can expect to spend $35-60+ for a basic chrome manicure depending on extras and location.

Do your research to find an experienced nail tech in your area before your first chrome appointment. With proper application and care, your eye-catching chrome nails can last 3-4 weeks!

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