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How Much Do Dip Nails Cost In 2023

Dip powder nails have become an increasingly popular nail service over the past few years. If you don’t have time for a full salon visit or prefer doing your nails at home, dip powders offer a durable, long-lasting manicure that’s easier to apply than acrylics or gels.

If you’re wondering how much a dip powder manicure costs, on average you can expect to pay between $30 and $80 per full set. Cost varies depending on factors like your location, the salon’s prices, and any extra design or art details you choose.

Average Cost of Dip Nails at Nail Salons

Dip powder nails have become an increasingly popular nail service in recent years. But with any nail service, cost can be a major factor in deciding whether to get it done. So how much do dip nails actually cost on average at the salon?

Basic Dip Powder Manicure Cost

A basic dip powder manicure costs on average between $30 and $50 before tip. This base price typically includes the application of dip powder on the natural nails and shaping/filing them into the desired look. The cost varies by location, specific salon, and extensions or add-ons requested.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s generally included in a basic dip manicure and average pricing:

  • Nail shaping/filing – $5-$10
  • Cuticle cleaning and care – $5-$10
  • Nail prep and dehydrator – $5-$10
  • Dip powder application – $10-$15
  • Shaping/filing/buffing – $5-$10

So as you can see, even a basic dip manicure requires several steps and materials, which contributes to the base cost. Salons need to factor in the costs of the dip powders, prep materials, filing tools, and most importantly, the technician’s time and expertise.

Factors That Impact Dip Nail Pricing

While a basic dip manicure starts around $30, several variables can quickly increase the price:

  • Salon location – Pricing tends to be higher in expensive urban areas vs. rural suburbs or smaller towns.
  • Reputable/experienced techs – Highly skilled techs often charge more for their expertise and attention to detail.
  • Add-on services – Extras like nail art, gems, orremoving dip powder from pre-existing manicure can add $5-$30.
  • Upgrades – Opting for gel topcoat, paraffin wax, or longer length can upcharge $10-$25.
  • Design intricacy – Elaborate dip nail designs take more time and skill, increasing cost.

Salons determine pricing based on what customers in their area are willing to pay while still covering business expenses. So don’t be afraid to call around for price quotes if one salon seems overpriced for basic services.

With the average full set costing $55 and fills $35 every 2-3 weeks, dip powder manicures are an affordable alternative to acrylics or gels for long-lasting polish. While pricing varies, customers can find experienced dip nail techs at reasonable rates by researching local salons.

DIY Dip Nail Supplies & Kits

Dip Powder Starter Kits

Getting started with dip powder nails is easy and affordable with DIY dip nail starter kits. These kits contain everything you need to achieve a beautiful, long-lasting manicure at home. A typical starter kit includes:

  • Dip powder – Usually contains 4-6 colors like neutral nudes, pinks, and whites. The powders are finely milled for a smooth application.
  • Dip liquid – This is the adhesive that sticks the powder to your nails. Most kits include a base coat, activator, and top coat.
  • Nail file and buffer – For shaping and smoothing nails before and after dipping.
  • Nail forms – To apply dip powder on natural nails or for sculpting nail extensions.
  • Nail brushes and tools – For neat, easy application of the powders and liquids.

Quality beginner dip kits from brands like Kiara Sky and Revel cost $50-$80. This covers enough supplies for multiple dip powder manicures. You’ll just need to replenish certain items as you use them up.

Ongoing Supply Costs

Once you have the basics, maintaining your dip manicure only requires a few recurring purchases. Here are typical costs for ongoing dip nail supplies:

Item Cost
Dip powders $5 – $10 per jar
Dip liquids $10 – $15 per kit
Nail forms $3 – $5 per 100-pack
Nail files $5 per 5-pack

With regular manicures every 2-3 weeks, a month’s supply of dip liquids and new powders or forms would be around $20-$30. This makes dip powder one of the most budget-friendly nail extension options compared to acrylics or gels.

You can find great deals on name brand dipping supplies at beauty retailers like Ulta or Sally Beauty. With quality products and a little practice, you’ll be able to achieve stunning, long-lasting dip nails affordably at home.

Tips for Saving on Dip Nail Services

Getting beautiful dip nails can be an expensive habit, with full sets ranging anywhere from $40 to $100. However, there are ways to cut costs while still enjoying gorgeous nails. Here are some savvy tips for saving money on your dip manicures.

1. Go for Natural Nails

Intricate designs, embellishments, and lots of colors will drive up the price. Opting for a natural look with neutral tones or just a few colors will cost less. A simple French manicure with dip powder will run you about $10-20 less than an elaborate ombre or floral design.

2. Choose Smaller Salons

Big, high-end nail salons often charge higher prices. Visiting a local mom-and-pop salon can save you 20% or more per service. Ask friends for recommendations of reasonably priced nail places in your area.

3. Time It Right

Avoid peak hours on Friday and Saturday evenings – appointments during less busy times like weekday mornings are often discounted 10-15%. Also, salons tend to offer deals on dip powder manicures during slower seasons like winter.

4. Loyalty Programs

Many salons offer punch cards or membership plans that give you savings for repeat visits. You may get every 5th or 10th manicure free, or pay a monthly fee for unlimited services. This rewards customer loyalty with lower prices.

5. DIY Touch-Ups

Doing your own dip powder touch ups between salon visits can make your manicure last 4-6 weeks instead of 2-3. Get clear powder, activator, and base coat from your nail tech or drug store. Watch online tutorials and fill in growth and chips yourself.

6. Discount Days

Some salons offer specials on certain days of the week, like “Manicure Mondays” or “Dip Powder Wednesdays.” Follow nail places on social media or sign up for email lists to stay aware of discounts.

7. Buy Your Own Dip Powder

Investing in your own dip powder and supplies will save tremendously over time. Get them online or at beauty supply stores. Many salons will let you bring your own products and just pay the technician fees. You’ll spend $5-10 instead of $50.

8. Tip Accordingly

Remember that 20% tips are not mandatory for nail services. Consider tipping 15% for excellent service, 10% for good work, and less if you weren’t satisfied. Technicians still appreciate reasonable gratuities.

With some smart strategies, you can continue to treat yourself to gorgeous dip powder nails while being kind to your wallet. A few small tweaks can yield big savings over the course of a year. Your nails will look fabulous for less!


So in summary, a basic dip powder manicure applied by a professional nail tech will run you $30 to $80 depending on extras chosen. DIY dip kits provide an affordable at-home alternative with starter sets running from $40 to $80. Look for salon deals and retail sales to save on dip nail costs.

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