A close-up shot of a perfectly manicured foot adorned with vibrant and stylish Dashing Diva toe nail strips, showcasing intricate designs and flawless application.

Everything You Need To Know About Dashing Diva Toe Nail Strips

Dashing Diva has taken the nail art world by storm with its innovative and easy-to-apply gel nail strips. If you’re looking for a quick yet glamorous manicure without the hassle of UV lights or messy polish, these nail strips may be perfect for you.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Dashing Diva’s gel nail strips provide a salon-quality manicure through their adhesive strips infused with nourishing ingredients to stick to nails seamlessly for 7-10 days of long-lasting color and shine.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything from how Dashing Diva strips work to the vast variety of designs they offer to tips for optimal application and removal of the nail strips.

What are Dashing Diva Strips?

Dashing Diva Strips are innovative gel-like adhesive nail strips that provide a quick, easy and fashionable way to do your nails. They come in over 700 different chic designs and colors to match any mood or outfit. Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know about these fabulous nail strips:

Gel-like adhesive strips for nails

Dashing Diva Strips are made of a flexible, gel-like material that contours perfectly to your nail shape. They have a sticky adhesive backing so they adhere smoothly onto your nail. No glue or dry time needed! Simply peel off the plastic layer, press onto your nail and file off any excess.

Voila, you’ve got a quick, professional manicure in minutes.

Infused with nourishing ingredients

These strips are infused with nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E and tree tea oil to keep your nails hydrated and healthy-looking. The gel formula also helps reinforce and protect nails. Using Dashing Diva is way gentler on nails than acrylics or dip powders.

Over 700 designs and colors

With a massive selection of chic prints, solids, French tips, glitters and more, you’ll never get bored with your mani! Some of the top styles include animal prints, florals, abstract art, marble, neutrals, neons and metallics.

They release new collections all the time so you can keep up with the latest trends.

Last for 7-10 days

Dashing Diva Strips are designed to wear for 7-10 days depending on your lifestyle. That’s way longer than a traditional manicure! The gel formula helps the strips stay put without lifting or peeling. When they do start to grow out, you can easily reapply them just on the new nail growth area.

Dashing Diva Strips provide the perfect solution for busy gals needing a quick, cute and customizable manicure. With minimal effort, you can have salon-quality nails in just minutes. Give them a try and fall in love with hassle-free nails!

How Do Dashing Diva Nail Strips Work?

Dashing Diva nail strips are an innovative alternative to regular nail polish that last over a week without chipping or peeling. They are made of thin, flexible plastic coated with a proprietary gel adhesive to adhere smoothly to your natural nails.

Made of Flexible, Thin Plastic

The nail strips are composed of a bendable plastic polymer only 0.1 mm thick, allowing them to mold to the exact shape of your nail beds for a custom fit. The thin material is also breathable, letting moisture and air pass through so your nails stay strong and healthy.

Coated with a Gel Adhesive

Each Dashing Diva strip has a medical-grade, non-toxic gel resin adhesive that bonds firmly to your natural nails, according to lab testing on their website. The proprietary formula flexes with your nails and is designed to last over 7 days of wear.

Applied to Nails for Long-Lasting Manicure

Applying Dashing Diva strips takes just a few minutes and requires no dry time like traditional nail polish. Simply use the included file and prep pad to shape your nails and remove oils. Select your preferred nail strip design, peel from the plastic backing, place on your nail bed, and smooth gently to seal it on securely.

The fully cured nail strips resist chipping and lift longer than a trip to the salon!

Nourishing Ingredients Care for Nails

Dashing Diva infuses their gel resin with nourishing botanicals like vitamin E, lemon balm extract, and passionflower oil to keep your nails healthy and strong while wearing the strips. Over 80% of surveyed users said their nails looked better after using Dashing Diva nail strips.

Peel Off Removal Process

When you’re ready for a new Dashing Diva look, the strips peel off easily without damaging your nails thanks to the flexible gel film technology. Simply start from the edge of the strip and lift gently towards the center until removed.

Any adhesive residue left behind comes off with nail polish remover or oil. Then you’re ready to apply your next fabulous set!

Benefits of Using Dashing Diva Strips

Easy application in minutes

One of the best things about Dashing Diva strips is how quick and easy they are to apply. Simply trim the strips to fit your nail beds, peel off the plastic cover, and press onto your nails. The strips adhere securely in just a few seconds, with no drying time required.

You can easily achieve a beautiful manicure in just 5-10 minutes compared to over an hour for traditional salon manicures. The simple and fast application makes Dashing Diva strips a convenient option for on-the-go touch ups.

Chip resistant for up to 10 days

Dashing Diva strips stand up extremely well to wear and tear thanks to their durable construction. The strips feature multiple layers of flexible polymer film which make them remarkably resistant to chips and cracks.

Many users report their Dashing Diva manicures lasting a full 7-10 days without any visible wear or damage like you would see with regular nail polish. Not having to worry about chips or touch ups for over a week is a huge advantage over traditional manicure methods.

Range of trendy designs and colors

Dashing Diva offers an impressively extensive selection of over 400 on-trend nail designs and colors. Whether you want understated nudes, bold brights, or intricate artistic patterns, there are so many stylish options to choose from.

Dashing Diva releases new collections regularly so you can always stay on top of the latest nail trends. You get the look of fashion-forward salon manicures with the convenience of at-home application.

Healthier alternative to gel manicures

The LED lamps used to cure gel polish emit UV rays which can cause damage to the skin and nails over time. Dashing Diva strips are not cured under UV lamps, making them a safer choice for maintaining healthy nails.

On top of avoiding UV damage, the breathable nail strips allow more air and moisture to reach the nails compared to thick gel and acrylic overlays. Many users with brittle nails find that regular use of Dashing Diva strips results in stronger, healthier nails.

Cost effective compared to salon manicures

Manicure Method Average Cost
Salon Gel Manicure $35-$50
Salon Regular Manicure $15-$25
DIY Dashing Diva Strips $7-$14

Getting your nails done at the salon can really add up, with the average gel or regular manicure ranging from $15 to over $50 per visit. Dashing Diva strips provide a budget friendly alternative, with costs averaging just $7-$14 for a set that lasts 7-10 days.

Considering one set equates to a few salon manicures, you end up saving a lot in the long run. The affordable pricing makes it possible to change up your nail look more frequently without breaking the bank.

Tips for Applying Dashing Diva Strips

Prep nails properly

Properly preparing your nails is crucial for getting the most out of your Dashing Diva strips. Here are some tips:

  • File and shape your nails – Make sure your nails are filed into the desired shape before applying the strips. File away any rough edges or peeling layers.
  • Push back and trim cuticles – Gently push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher, then trim any excess cuticle material with nippers or scissors.
  • Buff nail surface – Use a fine grit nail file or buffer to lightly buff the surface of your nails. This helps the strips adhere better.
  • Remove oil and moisturizer – Use nail polish remover or alcohol to remove any traces of oil, lotion or other moisturizers from your nails.
  • Wash hands – Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry them completely before applying strips.

Find right size for each nail

Dashing Diva strips come in a variety of sizes to fit every nail perfectly. Take your time to identify the right sized strip for each nail. Using a strip that is too small or large will affect how it fits and adheres.

  • Spread strips out and organize them by size
  • Hold each strip up to your nail to find the closest match
  • It’s okay if the strip is slightly wider or longer than your nail. You can file the excess later.

Remove plastic layer and apply

Once you’ve found the right sizes, it’s time to apply the strips:

  • Peel off the plastic top layer from the strip
  • Position the strip at the base of your nail with the pattern side facing up
  • Press the center of the strip down first, then smooth outwards towards the sides
  • Make sure the strip extends over each side of your nail
  • Press firmly for 30 seconds to ensure adhesion

Press gently but firmly

Applying consistent pressure is key for getting strips to adhere properly:

  • Don’t press too lightly or strips may lift at edges
  • Don’t press too hard or you may smudge design
  • Use pad of finger to press strip from cuticle to tip
  • Rub strip back and forth while pressing to set adhesive
  • Hold pressure for at least 30 seconds per nail

File away excess material

Once strips are applied, file away any overhanging material:

  • Use nail file to gently smooth edges of strip with nail
  • Be careful not to file too aggressively and lift edges
  • File side-to-side rather than back-and-forth
  • Blend seam between natural nail and strip
  • Avoid filing surface of strip to maintain design

Apply top coat for smooth finish

Applying a quality top coat is a must for long-lasting manicures. Follow these tips:

  • Wait 5 minutes after applying strips to apply top coat
  • Use quick-drying top coat and apply thin, even layers
  • Wrap top coat over tips of nails to seal in strips
  • Let top coat dry completely between coats
  • Avoid chipping by reapplying top coat every 2-3 days

Caring for Nails Between Dashing Diva Manicures

Moisturize nails and cuticles

Keeping nails and cuticles properly hydrated is crucial for healthy nails that can better hold onto nail polish. Massage a rich cuticle oil or butter into the nail beds and cuticles once or twice per day. Look for moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil.

You can also apply a thick, hydrating hand cream after washing hands. Avoid harsh soaps that strip oils.

Avoid excessive water exposure

Frequent exposure to water can dry out nails and make them more prone to chipping and peeling. When possible, wear rubber gloves when washing dishes, cleaning, or gardening. At the very least, be sure to apply hand cream after water exposure.

Consider wearing cotton-lined rubber gloves when polishing nails to avoid too much water contact in the shower.

Use gloves for cleaning, gardening etc

Wearing gloves during household chores and gardening will protect your nails from damage. The friction and exposure to chemicals in cleaners can weaken nails. Gardening exposes nails to dirt and moisture that can soften them. Look for lightweight, flexible options that won’t interfere with dexterity.

Apply cuticle oil daily

Dry, cracked cuticles allow germs under the nails and can lead to hangnails or infection. Apply cuticle oil once or twice daily to nourish the nail beds and seal in moisture. Look for oils containing moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E, coconut oil, shea butter, or jojoba oil.

Gently push back cuticles after soaking for a few minutes.

File away lifted edges

As nails grow out, raised edges of the polish can catch on things and peel further. Use a nail file to gently smooth down slightly lifted edges of the polish. File in one direction, not back and forth. This helps prevent further chipping or peeling.

Give nails a break between reapplication

While Dashing Diva strips are designed to last 7-10 days, allowing nails to breathe between applications helps keep them healthy. Allow 1-2 days with bare nails before reapplying polish or strips. Apply a hydrating nail oil during the break to nourish nails.

How to Remove Dashing Diva Strips

Never rip off strips

Ripping off Dashing Diva nail strips can damage the natural nail bed underneath. Always avoid simply ripping off the strips once you are ready to remove them. Instead, follow the proper removal method using acetone and gentle rolling to protect nail health.

Soak in acetone nail polish remover

Fill a small bowl with pure acetone nail polish remover. Dip the nails with Dashing Diva strips into the bowl and allow them to soak for 10-15 minutes. The acetone will break down the nail strip adhesive to make removal easier and less damaging to natural nails.

Gently roll off strips from cuticle to tip

Once the strips and adhesive have softened from the acetone soak, you can start gently rolling or peeling the strips off your nails. Slowly roll from the cuticle area down towards the tip of the nail. Take care not to rip or tug too hard.

The strips should roll off cleanly now that the adhesive has been dissolved.

Wipe away remaining adhesive

Use a cotton ball or pad soaked in more acetone to wipe your nails clean after removing the strips. This will take care of any remaining sticky adhesive residue. Be gentle as your nails will be more fragile after wearing and removing the strips.

Moisturize nails post removal

Apply cuticle oil or a rich moisturizer cream to condition nails after taking off the strips. The acetone and peeling can leave nails feeling dry and brittle. Nourishing moisturizers will rehydrate and strengthen nails.

Give nails time to recover

Avoid immediately reapplying nail strips or polish after removal. Give your natural nails at least 24 hours to heal before starting a new manicure. Adding more products right away could risk further damage. Let nails breathe and restore their health first.


Dashing Diva has revolutionized the world of nail art and manicures through their innovative gel nail strips. With a vast catalog of over 700 designs, these pre-cut, mess-free strips offer accessible long-lasting style in minutes.

While application takes some getting used to, the high-quality ingredients deliver a chip-free manicure for up to 10 days. Follow the tips above for smooth application and removal to get the most out of your Dashing Diva strips.

Have fun exploring the variety of colors and patterns to find your new favorite Dashing Diva nail strips while enjoying salon-quality nails anytime, anywhere.

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