A close-up shot captures the vibrant and glossy Dashing Diva nail strips, perfectly adhered to a woman's nails, showcasing a stunning and flawless manicure.

A Comprehensive Guide To Dashing Diva Gloss Nail Strips

Nail art has become an increasingly popular way to express creativity and personal style. Dashing Diva Gloss nail strips provide an easy, mess-free option for achieving salon-quality manicures from the comfort of home.

If you’re wondering whether Dashing Diva strips are right for you, read on for a complete guide covering how they work, tips for application and removal, design and color options, cost breakdown, plus reviews from real users on longevity and satisfaction.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Dashing Diva Gloss nail strips are pre-designed, adhesive nail ‘decals’ that offer an affordable, convenient alternative to salon gel manicures and nail polish.

Available in various trendy designs and colors, they apply in minutes without dry time, last 7-10 days on most users, and remove cleanly with nail polish remover.

What Are Dashing Diva Gloss Nail Strips?

Dashing Diva Gloss nail strips are a revolutionary adhesive nail product that offers an easy and convenient alternative to traditional nail polish. The ultra-thin, flexible nail decals come pre-decorated in various dazzling designs and effects.

They allow you to quickly apply a flawless, salon-quality manicure that lasts over a week without the dry time, mess or hassle of regular nail lacquers.

Adhesive Nail Decals for Easy Application

Dashing Diva nail strips feature a self-adhesive backing coated with a strong, yet gentle glue. The decals stick to your natural nails without damaging them. Application only takes a few minutes and requires no dry time. The glossy finish is instantly dry to the touch.

The nail lacquers are available in various unique shades and patterns like glitters, metallics, solids and French manicure styles.

The nail gloss strips conform to fit each nail’s shape perfectly. Any small gaps along the sides easily seal by pressing the decals firmly for a few seconds. This ensures your entire nail gets covered for a flawless look.

If needed, you can file the material to cleanly trim and shape it before applying.

Difference from Nail Stickers/Polish

While nail stickers and polish both color your nails, Dashing Diva strips offer distinct advantages:

  • Thinner and ultra-flexible for a smooth, seamless application
  • Glossy gel-like finish instead of enamel paint
  • No dry time – instantly dry to the touch
  • Pre-designed decorations like French tips, glitter, patterns
  • Longer wear than regular or gel polish; over 1 week duration

Installation and Removal Process

Putting on Dashing Diva glossy nail strips takes just 3 simple steps:

  1. File and clean nails
  2. Remove strip backing and apply to nail; seal edges by pressing down gently
  3. File trim excess material (optional)

The decals last over a week of wear before starting to lift at the edges as your natural nails grow. To remove, simply peel off the strips gently starting at the tip of your nails. Any remaining residue wipes away with nail polish remover. Reapplication restores the glossy finish for extended use.

Nail Product Application Time Dry Time Wear Duration
Dashing Diva Strips 5 minutes Instant dry 7-10 days
Regular Nail Polish 10 minutes 30+ minutes 2-5 days

As the statistics show, Dashing Diva nail gloss strips allow faster application plus longer wear than traditional lacquers. The mess-free nail decals serve as a timesaving manicure option for busy modern women wanting beautiful, salon-worthy nails every day.

Dashing Diva Product Options

Design Selections

Dashing Diva offers an amazing array of over 400 unique nail art designs to choose from. You can find classic solids, fun patterns like polka dots and animal prints, and artistic designs. Some of the most popular options include marble, galaxy print, abstract floral, and conversational prints with words and phrases.

Dashing Diva releases new collections frequently so there’s always fresh and trendy options to try. Their wide selection ensures you’ll find the perfect design to match your personal style!

Color Choices

Dashing Diva nail strips come in a spectrum of on-trend colors to complement any look. Choose brights like electric blue or bold corals for a fun pop of color. Go for neutrals like soft pinks and nudes for an elegant touch. Metallics like rose gold and silver add a touch of glam.

And don’t forget the classics – Dashing Diva has every shade from cherry red to French white. Customizable color options allow you to mix and match palette so you can achieve the ideal nails. With over 100 shades available, you’re sure to find your perfect match!


Finding the right nail strip size for your nails is easy with Dashing Diva. They offer a wide range of sizing options to ensure you achieve a precise fit. Measure the length and width of your nail beds, then select the closest size – extra small, small, medium, large, or extra large.

Dashing Diva’s nail strips are designed to contour to the natural shape of your nails, with thin flexible material that applies smoothly and dries quickly. For wide nail beds, select their wider options for full coverage without overhang. If your nails are small or narrow, opt for their petite sizes.

With multiple sizes for every design, getting a custom nail look is simple.

Special Collections

In addition to their standard line, Dashing Diva offers limited-edition seasonal collections focusing on current trends. For example, their recent winter collection featured frosty metallics and icy glitters perfect for the holidays. Coming up, expect fun brights and floral prints inspired by spring.

Keep an eye out for monthly specials like Breast Cancer Awareness collections where a portion of proceeds support research. Whatever the season or occasion, Dashing Diva’s special editions let you partake in the latest nail art craze.

Review their newest arrivals online or get email updates on upcoming collections!

Application Tips and Tricks

Nail Prep

Before applying Dashing Diva Gloss nail strips, it’s important to properly prep your nails. Here are some tips for getting your nails ready:

  • Trim and file your nails into the desired shape. Dashing Diva strips work best on nails filed into a rounded or squared shape.
  • Push back and clean up your cuticles with a cuticle cutter or pusher. This helps the strips adhere better.
  • Use a nail dehydrator or wiping your nails with rubbing alcohol. This removes oils and debris so the strips stick properly.
  • Buff your natural nails lightly to rough up the surface. This aids adhesion.
  • Avoid using moisturizers or oils on your hands and nails before application.

Proper Placement

Putting the Dashing Diva strips on straight is key for a professional, flawless look. Follow these placement tips:

  • Work on one nail at a time for easier application.
  • Place the strip evenly across your nail, avoiding air bubbles. The strip should hug the sides of your nail.
  • Ensure the strip lays flush against your cuticle without overlaying it. This avoids lifting.
  • Smooth the center of the strip first, then work outward to adhere the edges down firmly.
  • Use the included file to gently file the strip edges for a perfect fit.

Smoothing and Securing

Take your time when applying to get the strips laid perfectly flat:

  • Once placed, use your finger or the included silicone smoothing tool to rub the strip against your nail. Apply firm pressure.
  • Start at the center and smooth outward to push out any bubbles. This ensures strong adhesion.
  • Run the smoothing tool around the tips to seal the edges down completely.
  • Avoidexcessive buffing or filing after application. This can lead to lifting or damage.

Filing Edges

Filing the edges is an optional final step for a flawless application:

  • Gently run the edge of the included file across the tip to smooth any overlapping strip edges.
  • Be very careful not to catch or peel up the strip. Use light pressure.
  • File side-to-side rather than back-and-forth to avoid lifting the strip.
  • Avoid filing into the cuticle area as this can cause lifting.
  • Focus on perfecting the fit on the free edges. The closer to the cuticle, the higher risk of damage.

How Long They Last

With proper application, Dashing Diva gloss strips can last up to a week without chips or peeling. Longevity depends on care and lifestyle factors:

  • Use the nail primer and dehydrator for optimal adhesion and longevity.
  • Avoid picking at or peeling up the edges, which shortens wear.
  • Apply a quality top coat to help seal and protect the strips.
  • Keep nails and hands moisturized to avoid the strips lifting or peeling.
  • Gentle wear and tear activities help keep the manicure looking fresh longer.

On average, the strips last 4-7 days with careful wear before needing a fill or reapplication.

Soak-Free Removal

Dashing Diva strips can be removed easily without damaging your nails:

  • Simply peel off the strips gently starting at a corner edge.
  • There’s no need to soak off the strips like a gel manicure.
  • Apply an oil like jojoba or coconut around edges before removing to help lift the strips.
  • Avoid pulling too quickly or forcefully to prevent nail damage.
  • Any residue can be gently buffed away after removal.

With proper care, Dashing Diva strips allow you to quickly and easily achieve salon-quality nails at home!

Cost Breakdown and Value Comparison

Pricing Factors

Several key factors impact the pricing of Dashing Diva Gloss nail strips, including the number of strips per kit, unique designs and prints, strip materials, added features like glitter or French tips, limited edition sets, and bulk multi-pack savings.

The average cost ranges from $7-$14 per kit for their Express line which includes 16 strips. The more elaborate Original line with unique prints or special effects like 3D designs, French tips or gemstones average $10-$16 for 16 strips per kit.

Some limited collections like the Magic Snow series have additional charges around $2 more per kit.

Buying multi-packs with 2-8 kits per bundle provides increasing savings off regular kit pricing. An 8-pack of Express French Tip kits lowers the per-kit cost down to only $6 each for example. So purchasing bundles allows greater value.

Cost vs Salon Gel Manicure

Comparing costs shows impressive savings using DIY Dashing Diva strips instead of professional gel manicures. While salon gel manicures average $25-$50 for initial full set application and $30-$45 for 2 week refill appointments, Dashing Diva kits equate to only $3-$4 per weekly manicure.

Let’s break this down:Over 6 months a salon gel client spends $480-$840 on manicure appointments, versus a DIY Diva user spends just $72-$96 on kits! This represents precious savings of 85-90% by switching to convenient at-home manicure strips. Even greater rewards accumulate long term.

Savings Over Time

Analyzing expenses for 5 years makes the savings from Dashing Diva’s nail strips astounding compared to salon gel manicures. Consider a client maintaining biweekly salon gel appointments over 60 months – they will spend around $7,800-$13,500 on manicurist fees, tips and polish removals!

In contrast, a smart DIYer using 1-2 Diva Gloss strip kits weekly for 60 months spends under $960-$1920 total. Switching to affordable at-home manicures nets over $6,000 of savings in just 5 years, with the convenience of quick application anytime.

Now those rewards really start compounding over the long run!

Manicure Method 5 Year Cost Estimate
Salon Gel Appointments $7,800 – $13,500
Dashing Diva Strip Kits $960 – $1,920

As the math illustrates, Dashing Diva strips provide tremendous value and savings over standard salon gel manicures. The at-home nail strip innovation empowers women to conveniently and affordably achieve flawless tips themselves.

Reviews and Testimonials

Ease of Application

Dashing Diva nail strips have won praise from many reviewers for their easy, frustration-free application compared to traditional nail polish. The nail wraps come pre-shaped for each nail and feature helpful tabs on the sides that allow you to straighten and align the strips before firmly pressing to seal them in place.

Most reviewers say they are able to apply a full set in under 10 minutes after some practice. The removal process is also simple – you just slowly peel off each strip.

Longevity Feedback

In reviews, the long-lasting staying power of Dashing Diva’s nail strips emerges as a key highlight. Depending on the person’s nail bed and activities, the semi-permanent gloss strips can last up to 7-10 days without chipping or peeling on most users.

The strips feature multiple layers of dentist-grade polymer film with an adhesive underside to strongly adhere to the natural nail. As one happy customer on Influenster said, “I get over a week wear with no chips!”

Design and Color Satisfaction

With over 400 unique prints and solids available, most reviewers say Dashing Diva offers an incredibly diverse palette of designs with on-trend color options that make it easy to match any outfit or event.

The company frequently pumps out new artistic manicure looks based on the latest runway trends. An impressed tester on The Gloss shared, “The quality of the designs seems to get better every few months – there are so many options!” From marbled gemstones, abstract patterns to botanical motifs, the nail wraps cater to different personalities and nail art preferences.

Overall Ratings

Influenster 4.8 / 5
The Gloss 9 / 10
Nail Superstore 4.5 / 5

Across major beauty retailer websites and blogs, Dashing Diva gloss strips enjoy very high average ratings, frequently receiving 4+ stars out of 5. Positive notes on their practicality, innovative prints that mimic salon-quality nail art, budget-friendly pricing, and thinner, more comfortable fit than earlier generations make them a top-reviewed nail wrap brand.


With a wide selection of on-trend designs and colors to choose from, Dashing Diva Gloss nail strips offer the perfect combination of fashion, function, and affordability. Getting a flawless, salon-grade manicure is now as simple as stick, file, and go!

The positive user reviews around their easy, mess-free application and long-lasting wear of up to 10 days speak for themselves. If you’re seeking an inexpensive alternative to spending hours at the nail salon every few weeks, try Dashing Diva strips for your next DIY manicure.

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