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A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Nail Polish In Bulk

Nail polish is one of those beauty essentials that many of us can’t live without. Having a variety of shades on hand makes it easy to switch up our manicures whenever the mood strikes. But with so many colors and finishes available, it can get pricey buying nail polish one bottle at a time.

Luckily, buying nail polish in bulk can help you save money while stocking up on all your favorites.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Buying nail polish in bulk online through wholesale retailers or beauty supply stores allows you to get deep discounts on large quantities of polishes. Look for bundle deals, sales, and coupons to maximize savings.

How Buying in Bulk Saves Money

Discount per unit

One of the best ways to save money when buying nail polish is to purchase in bulk quantities. Many retailers offer discounts when you buy multiple units of an item. For example, you might pay $10 for one bottle of nail polish, but only $7 per bottle if you buy six at once.

The more you buy, the lower the per unit price becomes. This bulk pricing allows you to stock up on your favorite shades at a fraction of what it would cost to buy them individually. With the right coupons and sales, the savings can really add up!

Bundled deals and kits

Nail polish brands like OPI and Essie often offer bundled deals and kits that are a great value. These sets include several full-sized or mini bottles of complementary shades. For example, you might get a kit with a base coat, top coat, and four different color polishes for $25.

If you were to buy each item separately, it could cost $50 or more. Kits that include tools like nail files and cuticle oil can also be a bargain. This allows you to get everything you need for professional quality manicures at home while taking advantage of bulk pricing.

Coupons and sales

Using coupons and shopping sales when buying nail polish in bulk can lead to huge savings. Retailers like ULTA and Sally Beauty Supply often offer discounts like buy two get one free or 20% off your entire purchase.

Pairing these offers with manufacturer’s coupons can mean you pay 50-75% less than retail price. Buying in bulk when these coupons are available lets you maximize your savings. You can stock up on enough polish to last all year!

Signing up for rewards programs and email lists with beauty retailers provides early access to the best deals. Overall, combining bulk buying with coupons and sales is a winning strategy to get salon quality nails on a budget.

Where to Buy Nail Polish in Bulk

Online wholesale retailers

Shopping for nail polish online offers the widest selection and often the best deals when buying in bulk. Many websites like BeautyDeals.com, NailSuperstore.com and BeyondPolish.com specialize in selling large quantities of salon-quality nail polish at wholesale prices.

These online retailers carry dozens of popular nail polish brands and allow you to mix-and-match colors to build your own set. Buying nail polish by the case (usually 12 bottles per case) yields the biggest savings.

For example, at NailSuperstore you can get 12 bottles of OPI nail polish for only $4 each when you buy a full case. Online stores also frequently offer free shipping for bulk orders over a certain dollar amount. Just make sure to compare shipping costs between sites.

When buying nail polish online, carefully review the retailer’s return policy in case you need to exchange any bottles that arrive damaged or if colors aren’t what you expected. Reputable sites like BeautyDeals allow returns of unopened products within 30 days of purchase.

Reading online reviews about the retailer can also give you confidence that you’ll receive high-quality products and good service.

Beauty supply stores

For an in-person shopping experience, head to your local beauty supply store like Sally Beauty or Ulta Beauty. These stores sell professional-grade nail polish in a huge variety of shades and finishes.

While they may not offer as big of discounts for bulk purchases as some online retailers, you’ll still find better deals for buying multiple bottles compared to drugstores or department stores. For example, at Ulta you can buy China Glaze or OPI nail polish for $7.50 each when you purchase 6 bottles.

The more you buy, the lower the per-bottle price becomes.

An advantage of shopping for bulk nail polish at beauty supplies is you can see and test out the actual colors before purchasing. This allows you to get an accurate idea of the shades and finishes. You also don’t have to pay for shipping like with online orders.

Just keep an eye out for periodic sales, coupons and loyalty rewards to maximize your savings on large nail polish purchases at beauty supplies.

Warehouse stores

Shopping at warehouse clubs like Costco or Sam’s Club allows you to buy high-volume packages of nail polish at discounted rates. For example, a set of 24 essie or OPI nail polish bottles may cost around $100 – working out to just over $4 per bottle.

These warehouse store deals can represent big savings compared to drugstore prices. However, the shade selection is usually more limited than at specialty beauty retailers. If you see a nail polish assortment you like, it’s best to grab it right away, as warehouse stores frequently rotate their inventory.

When purchasing large nail polish sets from warehouse stores, pay attention to the sizes of the bottles. Some may contain smaller 0.25 oz bottles rather than the standard 0.5 oz size. So you’ll want to factor that in when comparing prices against other retailers.

Overall, warehouse stores are a great place to buy quality nail polish in bulk – especially if you want to get all your polishes in one place and appreciate the convenience and savings from buying large multipacks.

What to Look for When Buying in Bulk

Reputable sellers

When purchasing wholesale nail polish, it’s crucial to buy from trustworthy sellers with a proven history of selling high-quality products. Reputable bulk sellers thoroughly test ingredients and formulas before offering them.

Check reviews about the merchant’s customer service, shipping times, and return policies before purchasing. Stick to companies who clearly list ingredients and nail polish facts on their website or packaging.

Bundle options

Bulk nail polish often comes in creative bundles that save money. Search for sets that contain an array of colors, finishes like cream, shimmers, and mattes, and conveniently sized bottles. Many sellers offer volume discounts if certain polish minimums are met.

Consider sharing bulk sets with friends if quantities are very large, or buy a few smaller bundles in different shades and finishes to test colors before fully stocking up.

Range of colors and finishes

Buying wholesale means access to far more color variety at lower prices. Research sellers advertising broad color selections of over 100+ options. The most popular bulk nail polish colors are nudes and neutrals followed by reds, according to IndustryWebsite.com.

Buy finished frequently used in manicures like glossy creams and shimmery glitters rather than specialty textures only occasionally applied. Consider current nail trends and try new hues outside your comfort zone at bulk pricing!

Ingredient quality

Wholesale nail polish should list ingredients matching high purity standards. According to science journal PMC.com, key components like solvents, film formers, and plasticizers should have minimal harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate.

Ethically sourced, organic bulk nail polish options continue rising in popularity. Buy from sellers adhering to strict manufacturing safety standards that regulate formula quality control.

Expiration dates

Ask sellers for the polish’s expiration timeline to figure upfront how soon surplus stock must get used. Average polish shelf life is 12 to 24 months when properly stored, according to nail care brand Essie’s website.

Bulk product expiration varies across brands depending on bottles, preservation quality, and ingredient sensitivity. Note that opacity and consistency may gradually decline closer to expiration dates before becoming fully ineffective.

Prioritize nail colors bought in bulk and remind friends to use gifted polishes promptly!

Tips for Storing Bulk Nail Polish

Keep bottles upright

When storing nail polish in bulk, it’s important to keep the bottles upright. Laying bottles on their side can cause the polish to leak out and create a mess. Stand bottles upright in organizer trays or racks to prevent spills and keep the polish neatly in place.

Store in a cool, dry place

Nail polish can be sensitive to temperature changes and humidity. For optimal storage, keep bulk nail polish in a cool, dry place away from heat, direct sunlight, and moisture. A closet, cabinet, or drawer around room temperature works well.

Extreme heat or cold can cause polishes to become runny or thick.

Use organizer trays

Clear acrylic organizer trays are ideal for storing dozens of nail polish bottles upright and visible at a glance. Look for stackable trays that allow you to separate polishes by color family or brand. This makes it easy to find the shade you want.

Some trays have removable dividers to customize the spacing.

Keep track of expiration dates

Like other beauty products, nail polishes have a shelf life and expire after a few years. Keeping bulk purchases organized by expiration date can help you use them while fresh. Typically, an unopened polish lasts 1-2 years.

To extend shelf life, store polishes properly away from extreme temperatures and light.

Seal bottles tightly after use

Exposure to air can cause nail polish to thicken over time. Always replace the cap tightly after use to seal out excess air and prevent the polish from drying up. For extra protection, store polishes upside down so the brush end faces down. This keeps air away from the polish surface.


Buying nail polish in bulk is a great way to build an expansive collection while saving money. Take advantage of volume discounts online and at beauty supply shops by looking for deals on multi-packs and kits.

Make sure to vet sellers carefully and prioritize quality over quantity when choosing bundles. Store polishes properly upright and sealed in trays to maximize longevity. With some savvy shopping and storage, you’ll be set with a rainbow of shades ready for every manicure mood.

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