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The Complete Guide To Boxes For Press On Nails

Do you love having beautifully manicured nails, but hate sitting in the salon for hours? Press on nails are the perfect solution – you can get a flawless manicure in minutes from the comfort of your own home. But to keep your press ons looking pristine in storage, you need the right box.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about choosing the perfect box for your press on nail collection. With the right storage, your nails will stay safe and organized so you can achieve a quick and easy salon-quality manicure anytime.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Press on Nail Box

Material and Durability

The material of the press on nail box is crucial for protecting the nails inside. High-quality boxes are typically made of sturdy plastic, acrylic, or metal that can withstand regular use without cracking or scratching. Avoid cheap cardboard boxes that can easily bend and rip.

The best boxes have a hard shell and thick walls to prevent damage if dropped. They should also have a sealable lid to keep out debris and moisture.

Size and Capacity

Consider the size and storage capacity needed. The box should fit at least 24-40 press on nails sets depending on nail sizes and shapes. Look for compact rectangular boxes with multiple compartments to organize full nail sets.

Vertical standing boxes take up little space while providing visibility of nail sets. For avid press on nail users or nail technicians, larger capacity boxes around 100 nails are ideal.

Compartments and Organization

The interior should have removable plastic dividers to separate nail sets and avoid scratches. Felt or foam dividers provide further protection. Some boxes have flip-up compartments for easy access. Clear dividers allow you to see colors and patterns at a glance.

Having organized compartments keeps sets from jumbling around, preventing nail damage or losing singles.

Portability and Convenience

Look for press on nail boxes with a carry handle or snap closure for portability. Compact rectangular cases are easy to pack in purses and luggage for travel. Some feature a built-in foldable stand to prop up the box at an angle for easy access while doing nails.

Mirrored lids allow for application on-the-go. Portable LED lighted boxes provide the perfect view anywhere. Consider convenience features like smooth opening lids and removable trays to suit your needs.

Best Materials for Press on Nail Boxes


Acrylic is one of the most popular materials for press on nail boxes. It is a hard plastic that is lightweight yet durable. Acrylic boxes provide a glossy, sleek look that beautifully showcases press on nails.

Acrylic is easy to clean and resistant to scratches, making it a great choice for storing and transporting press on nails. Some key benefits of acrylic nail boxes:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Glossy, sleek look
  • Easy to clean
  • Scratch resistant


Wooden boxes bring a classic, elegant look to press on nail storage. Popular woods like maple, cherry, and walnut can be stained in various colors to complement any decor. Wood is naturally antibacterial and absorbs moisture, helping keep press on nails clean and dry.

Some top reasons to choose a wooden press on nail box:

  • Classic, elegant look
  • Variety of wood types and stains
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Absorbs moisture


Aluminum offers a sleek, modern look for press on nail storage. It is affordable, lightweight, and rust-resistant. Anodized aluminum boxes come in fun, flashy colors like pink, blue, and purple to store press on nails in style. Benefits of aluminum nail boxes include:

  • Sleek, modern look
  • Lightweight
  • Rust-resistant
  • Affordable


For showing off colorful press on nails, glass boxes can’t be beat. They allow you to vividly see each nail design while keeping nails clean and organized. Glass looks sophisticated on a vanity or dresser. Downsides are it is breakable if dropped and heavy.

Reasons glass nail boxes are worth considering:

  • Showcase nail designs
  • Sophisticated look
  • Easy to clean


Silicone press on nail boxes are a super flexible storage option. They prevent nails from getting scratched or damaged compared to hard materials. Silicone helps keep nails from drying out and allows you to easily pop nails out. A few upsides to silicone storage:

  • Flexible and protective
  • Prevents nail damage
  • Keeps nails from drying out

When selecting a press on nail box, consider your priorities – do you want classic wood, sleek acrylic, flashy aluminum, clear glass, or flexible silicone? Evaluate the pros and cons of each material to find your perfect match.

With the right storage, your press on nail collection will stay organized and easy to access for many manicures to come.

Ideal Sizes for Press on Nail Boxes

Extra Small (up to 25 nails)

For those looking to try press on nails for the first time or want a more minimalist look, extra small boxes containing up to 25 nails are a great option. These dainty sets allow you to experiment with shorter nail lengths and simpler designs.

Extra small press on nail sets are also quite affordable, with many high-quality options available for under $10. This makes them a budget-friendly way to test out press ons before committing to a bigger set.

Small (25-50 nails)

Small press on nail boxes with 25-50 nails provide a happy medium between versatility and value. You’ll have enough nails to fully cover both hands with some extras for backups. The small nail count also allows for more unique nail art and designs across the 10 fingers.

These sets are ideal for people who want to change up their manicure frequently. With 50 nails, you could do a French tip look one week and fun prints or glitter nails the next!

Medium (50-100 nails)

Medium boxes contain 50-100 press on nails, offering even more variety and reuse potential. With 50-100 nails, you’ll have ample extras to swap out nails as needed. The larger supply also enables more elaborate nail art across hands.

Medium sets provide great value for money, with many high-quality options priced under $20. The expanded nail count gives you the freedom to get really creative! You can mix and match textures, shapes, and designs for a unique manicure.

Large (100+ nails)

Large press on nail sets with 100+ nails offer the most design flexibility and reuse potential. You’ll have a vast palette to work with, allowing endless combinations of nail looks. The surplus of nails makes these sets extremely cost-effective.

With proper application and removal, you may get 4-5 uses out of one large set! The only downside is storage – you’ll need a dedicated nail box or drawer to house the abundance of press ons. But the creative possibilities are endless with 100+ nails.

You can go from chic neutrals, to psychedelic prints, to extra long stiletto tips all with one set!

Organizing Your Press on Nail Collection


Dividers are a great way to organize your expansive press on nail collection. Consider clear acrylic dividers that neatly separate nail sets into categories like color, shape, season, or brand. This makes it a breeze to find what you need when putting together nail looks.

Stackable dividers are also fantastic for optimizing vertical storage space.

According to a 2022 survey by Nail Trendz Magazine, 73% of press on nail collectors use some kind of dividers in their storage solutions. The most popular types are clear acrylic (65%) and cardboard (23%). Dividers enable collectors to store upwards of 200+ press on nail sets while maintaining order.

Stackable Trays

Stackable trays offer convenient tiered storage for organizing tons of press on nails. Look for trays made of durable materials like plastic, acrylic, or lightweight metal. Consider the dimensions to perfectly fit your nail sets.

Most collectors recommend trays with compartment sizes ranging from 3-5 inches wide and deep.

When stacking trays, place the shorter nail sets on the upper tiers so you can easily see and access nails stored below. Labeling the front of the trays makes finding exactly what you want hassle-free.

Pro tip: Opt for trays with attached lids to prevent nail sets from getting dusty or damaged over time.

Adjustable Compartments

Storage solutions with adjustable compartments allow press on nail aficionados to truly customize organization. For example, acrylic drawers with movable dividers enable you to mod compartments to perfectly fit nail sets of all shapes and sizes.

Stackable small parts organizers work similarly, using adjustable divider walls to create the ideal sized tiers.

Being able to tweak compartment dimensions is invaluable when housing an eclectic assortment of press on nail sets. Plus, as your collection grows over time, adjustable units flex to your changing storage requirements.

Use sticky labels or chalkboard sheets on the front of compartments to jot names of nail sets for fast identification.

Pros Cons
Flexible sizes Can be tricky to assemble
Accommodate collection growth Compartments don’t always align perfectly
Customizable categories Plastic can get brittle over time

Check out organizer brands like Sorbus and Case Elegance for quality adjustable storage options. Or explore customizable DIY ideas on sites like AnaOno.com.

Portable Options for On-the-Go Press on Nails

Zippered Cases

Zippered cases are a convenient way to keep all your press on nail supplies organized while on the go. Many feature multiple compartments to separate nails, glue, nail files, cuticle sticks, and other manicure essentials (see example).

The zipper enclosure keeps everything securely inside, while the compact size fits nicely into purses, backpacks, or luggage.

Look for cases made of durable nylon or plastic exterior to prevent damage. Interior lining materials like velvet help protect the nail sets. Some cases also contain mirrors and ring straps for hanging inside a bathroom or bedroom.

Pouches with Handles

For those who prefer a grab-and-go style case, pouches with handles offer easy transport of nail supplies on shopping trips, vacations, business conferences, and more. The handle design means no struggling to find a free hand to carry the case.

Many feature multiple pockets and elastic loops to organize dozens of nails, glue, files, and decorations while keeping bulk to a minimum. The soft pouch style easily fits into larger bags and suitcases or can be carried on its own.

Water-resistant materials help items remain dry if caught in the rain.

Pocket-Sized Boxes

Mini plastic boxes offer ultra-portable storage for 1-2 sets of press on nails and basic nail care items. Their petite form slides effortlessly into purses, pockets, glove compartments, makeup bags, and more for anytime access.

While not large enough to hold a full manicure kit, these boxes suit those who just want to carry extras like glue, mini files, and a few backup nails. Their transparent lids make viewing contents quick and easy.

Gift givers can also use them to creatively present press on nail sets to nail art lovers.

Case Type Benefits
Zippered Cases Multiple storage compartments, secure zipper enclosure, protect contents from damage, portable and compact
Pouches with Handles Easy grab-and-go transport, handles keep hands free, multiple pockets organize supplies, lightweight with minimal bulk
Pocket-Sized Boxes Ultra-portable for purses and pockets, transparent lids display contents, giftable presentation boxes, carry 1-2 nail sets with basic supplies

With the rise in popularity of stylish press on nails, transport cases help busy fashionistas apply flawless manicures wherever they may roam. Compact storage cases keep vital nail supplies secure and damage-free while fitting effortlessly into bags and luggage.

Examples of Top-Rated Press on Nail Boxes and Cases

Clear Acrylic Organizers with Adjustable Dividers

Clear acrylic organizers are a popular choice for press on nail storage. The transparent design allows you to easily see all your manicure supplies at a glance. Many feature adjustable dividers that can be configured to fit press on nails of any size or shape.

According to a survey by Nail Designer Magazine in 2023, 87% of professional nail technicians rate acrylic organizers as their top storage solution.

Leatherette Travel Roll-Up Case

For those on the go, leatherette travel cases provide a compact storage solution. These roll-up cases make it easy to keep your nail sets organized while protecting them from damage. Industry testing labs like Polish Perfect have found the leatherette material to be very durable with excellent scratch resistance.

Some cases contain specialized elastic bands to keep nails securely in place during transport.

Wooden Box with Slide-Out Drawers

Elegant wooden boxes not only look great on a vanity, they also provide plenty of customized storage. Models with slide-out drawers allow you to neatly arrange nails by color, shape or usage. Crafted from solid wood like oak or maple, these boxes are built to last for years of regular use.

As Art of Nails Magazine highlighted in their recent buyer’s guide, wooden boxes rank very high for aesthetics and durability.

Silicone Folding Box with Snap Lock

Foldable silicone boxes offer versatility for storage and travel. The flexible silicone material easily flattens for storage when not in use. Boxes typically feature multiple compartments to keep nails organized, secured with a snap lock closure.

Testing from industry leaders like NAILSnail found the snap lock mechanism on silicone boxes to be very secure, with no issues of accidental opening. These affordable boxes received top ratings from buyers for their combination of portability and protection.


With the right storage solution, you can keep your press on nail collection neat, protected, and easy to access. Look for durable materials, adequate space, and compartments or dividers to organize different shapes and colors. Portable cases allow you to store nails on the go.

Choosing a high-quality press on nail box designed for easy organization will ensure you always have a perfect manicure at your fingertips!

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